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  • Avatar for Disvisonpunk86
    Very beautiful song <3
  • Avatar for ze_zar
    Morrissey me mata con esto ♥
  • Avatar for alineandriani7
    As I live and breathe
  • Avatar for ge_mig_arsenik
    But I forgive you, I forgive you.
  • Avatar for Break_Free_Girl
    You have killed me !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i will never forgive you...
  • Avatar for tomrud73
    this song is pretty terrible.
  • Avatar for WaldoJeffers_X
    pasolini ftw
  • Avatar for Sangre_De_Nariz
    This song is obviously about HIV.
  • Avatar for bluerthanthezoo
    Tony Visconti is me
  • Avatar for alejandraoleary
    great melody, great song
  • Avatar for KommisarK
    Piazza Cavour. What's my life for?
  • Avatar for steve__
    I entered nothing and nothing entered me
  • Avatar for hellllriderrrrr
  • Avatar for Soul-daemon
    What Morrisey was trying to express before we had words for them, is that he got pwnd and tea-bagged XD
  • Avatar for tofu_monster_
    Yes Namey, I'd like to comment on this as well. However, I believe that the frequent allusions to it are reminiscent of the Classical Era and Viennese culture. I'm sure that Mozart would agree.
  • Avatar for Namey
    why does he have to allude to anal sex so often I mean I'd just like the song to be about something more umm cerebral and intangible than that in order for me and my mind to gain a good clean catharsis from it u know?
  • Avatar for ThirstLight
  • Avatar for Abkinxoc
    As i live and breathe you have killed me.
  • Avatar for ipekozilturk
    just morissey... <3
    This shit bangs
  • Avatar for fourth_lion
    young Morrissey look alike:
  • Avatar for sarahmoz
    love this song...
  • Avatar for gemmarosa
    Piazza Cavour, what's my life for?
  • Avatar for itsnotoveryet27
    Tonight I started my personal disco with heavy and punky stuff, but after all it is good to return to this kind of music,-----------yearning.......... or unfulfilled yearning
  • Avatar for aschenglorie
    Reminds me of school trip to Italy last year. Dragged my friends all the way to Piazza Cavour just to sing this <3
  • Avatar for pgrabowski
    Visconti is me. Visconti you'll never be.
  • Avatar for valplayer
  • Avatar for Empathy82
    i want a child from you ;)))
  • Avatar for BeckaXstar
    <3 as i live and breath you have killed me.....
  • Avatar for flexi93
    Oh Morrissey you make my day everyday enough said...........
  • Avatar for shineslikegold
    there is no point saying this again, but i forgive you, i forgive you, always, i do forgive you.
  • Avatar for mbelexhosa
    As I live and breathe. You have killed me. You have killed me. Yes, I walk around somehow. But you have killed me. You have killed me. Who am I that I come to be here...?
  • Avatar for mbelexhosa
  • Avatar for Larintha
  • Avatar for MiaoPurrington
    This track can be summarized in one word: Swagger!
  • Avatar for lzcool
    Nice tune.Morrissey is a genius.
  • Avatar for sinathemechanic
    Moz is GOD!
  • Avatar for Offino
    I love it ! But i prefer Moz with Smiths
  • Avatar for how-novel
    "what's my life for?"
  • Avatar for prime1128
    Won't be touring in Norway any time soon.
  • Avatar for vixxyvox
  • Avatar for SabinaSilversun
    I just love this song. That is all. ♥
  • Avatar for robertbrenner
    Not one day goes by in which I dont listen to Morrissey
  • Avatar for bingbongbilly
    Good lyrics. He still writes songs that are about something. Like it!
  • Avatar for sathstevemarr
    not his best work but still a god
  • Avatar for Pennyworth_
  • Avatar for crocy2
    great song...
  • Avatar for karlkandinsky
  • Avatar for Konami
    Just great.
  • Avatar for yessmiths
    there is no point saying this again, but Morrissey is amazing.


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