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  • Avatar for Kiyoshi_95
    Loving this song RN. [2]
  • Avatar for CWAS91
    Loving this song RN.
  • Avatar for thenovascotia
    In which case I'm doomed.
  • Avatar for IntoTheOrchard
    Oh you, your lovely face and your lovely hair...
  • Avatar for ge_mig_arsenik
    @the_raytownian: There is an extended version with the lyrics "No dad, I won't be home tomorrow" (or something along those lines... I haven't heard that version in 10 years or so) after the "in which case I'm doomed" bit. For some reason they cut the last line but decided to keep the repeated "no dad" in the song anyway. So nope, you're not crazy!
  • Avatar for accidentcauser
    You wouldn't understand, good sons like you, never do.
  • Avatar for KommisarK
    So why do you smile when you think Earl's Court, but you cry when you think of all the battles we've fought and lost.
  • Avatar for flexi93
    My first and favorite Morrissey song,thank you mother for playing that cd in the year 1997
  • Avatar for elzashan
    lovely eek and lovely riah!
  • Avatar for thomascourt
    One of the best.
  • Avatar for flexi93
    My first Morrissey track when i was 5 yrs old :') thank you mother
  • Avatar for Grazi_Haushinka
    so bona to vada.... ♫
  • Avatar for Steelvagina
    I cant express how much I love this song. (2)
  • Avatar for macrocosm144
  • Avatar for electrikalstorm
    I cant express how much I love this song.
  • Avatar for kromatisk
  • Avatar for live4ever89
    Great song.
  • Avatar for ge_mig_arsenik
    off the rails I was and off the rails I was happy to stay, get out of my way!
  • Avatar for bloc47
    I am obsessed with the way he pronounces "sons" in "good sons like you never do... "
  • Avatar for bitrott
  • Avatar for Jopariproudfoot
    This song is amazing!
  • Avatar for ponygon
    a reasonably good boooOyyyy
  • Avatar for CKasapoglu
    "Je suis Morrissey"
  • Avatar for teddyrubmyskin
    your lovely riah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
  • Avatar for bloc47
  • Avatar for arturobandini2
    Still love this track a lot...
  • Avatar for All_Is_Lost
    No, no, no. You can't get there that way. Follow me.
  • Avatar for Freshsoulbutter
    I love you, you Sexy Bitch!
  • Avatar for vesituli
    One of my favourite Morrissey songs!
  • Avatar for papilioulysses
    'so why do you smile when you think about Earl's Court, but you cry when you think about the battles you fought and lost...'
  • Avatar for Gnihad
    +++ Besucht unbedingt die Internetseite ! Das erste Poesieprojekt zum Thema The Smiths/Morrissey im deutschsprachigem Raum. Du schreibst Gedichte und bist Fan von Morrissey und The Smiths? Dann bist du hier genau richtig! +++
  • Avatar for henryqk
  • Avatar for guenhadu
    great great great album :-)) . this song is so good! I want to listen our Moz every time !
  • Avatar for henryqk
  • Avatar for fatcatmusic
    Wish he had sung the whole song in polari, how good would that sound.
  • Avatar for msgolightly75
    Reminds me when I was just exposed to MoZ...Love it!
  • Avatar for VELVETMOD
    Estabamos en la facultad con mi novia (por ese entonces amiga ) cuando me prestó un cassette con este tema.Significa mucho para mí.
  • Avatar for davidbowiegirl
    Good song
  • Avatar for Aly_Lyu
    One of the greatest, indeed!
  • Avatar for D_CAMUS
  • Avatar for impalaguy777
    this is the music of rat rodder
  • Avatar for sweethooligan
    It may all end tomorrow, or it could go on forever.
  • Avatar for jackchampagne
    i love this song so much. i used to listen to my bona drag tape every day all day
  • Avatar for jazmino
    this song is soooo good!
  • Avatar for oyeterence
  • Avatar for arturobandini2
    Exchanging lies and digs (my way) Cause in a belted coat Oh, I secretly knew That I hadn't a clue ...
  • Avatar for lascivit
    bona to vada!
  • Avatar for ativke
    It may all end tomorrow, or it could go on forever (in which case I'm doomed)..
  • Avatar for julzei
    It's sad Morrissey no longer likes this song, it's one of his best solo ones imo.
  • Avatar for jonasminduim
    so much love.


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