• Screaming In The Arena

    26 Mar 2010, 00:18 by spkr4thdd

    Fri 19 Mar – GUN + Morpheus Rising

    Friday 19th March: First up tonight was a quick dash into taown after work to see my daughter and her schoolmates, along with children from three other schools, sing in York Minster. I have to say I was very impressed. The children, all aged around seven and eight, performed something in the region of fifteen songs (each school had one song to themselves and the rest were joint efforts) the vast majority of which were in foreign languages. It went some way to explain why Elizabeth had been walking around the house singing gibberish for the last few months. The whole thing seemed to go off without a hitch and everybody involved deserves masses of plaudits for the amount of effort that went into the event.

    Then, after a quick tea with Elizabeth and Debbie, normal musical service was resumed with a trip to the Duchess for something a littlebit louder.

    First up tonight was Scream Arena, a full on heavy metal band from the York area. …
  • Won't Get Fooled Again... And Again...

    31 Jan 2010, 17:03 by spkr4thdd

    Fri 29 Jan – Morpheus Rising + Stealer As with last year, it seems to be taking a while for both live music in York to get started and the Friday Nighters to synchronise their calendars. I haven't seen Roj since we all went out for a meal before Christmas and tonight he had a prior engagement with Berwick Kaler's latest pantomime, Humpty Dumpty. (I saw it before Christmas and laughed until I cried.)So, it's just myself and Andy attending Fibbers for a bit of metal.


    First to take the stage are Stealer. I failed to blog a review when we saw them at our last get-together of 2009 so they are obviously giving me a second chance fairly quickly. (There's very few other reasons why we would pay to see a covers band.) I've said before that I can take or leave Stealer. It's not that they aren't very good, just that there is too much in their set that I don't like. I'm not a big fan of the AC/DC style of heavy metal (all power and no style in my opinion) and in their usual two-hour set, there is too much of that for me. …
  • Real and proper classic metal... so come get some!

    24 Dec 2009, 10:34 by spkr4thdd

    Tue 22 Dec – Morpheus Rising + Guests

    Before the show there is a great sense of atmosphere in the air. Three Yorkshire acts have come together tonight to raise money for York Boxing Club and ‘Off The Hook’ rehearsal rooms, not only that but they have come here to play some anthemic, loud and brash classic rock music. Despite the cold weather more than a few dedicated rockers have ventured out to The Duchess and it’s great to see – to the bands and people in attendance it’s obvious that York’s alternative and rock scene is thriving as we head into 2010.

    Leap of Faith

    First off, we have York local lads Leap Of Faith who rely on a hefty mix of influences. Drawing from the progressive power of Tool and the balls-out metal onslaught of Metallica on their ferocious material, the band hook the interest of the dedicated local crowd tonight. This type of live energy is rarely exposed on the local scene and the group appear to have worked hard over their two-year history to produce a catalogue of affecting classic-prog metal. …
  • The Rising Word

    22 Jun 2009, 08:12 by spkr4thdd

    Sat 20 Jun – GUN

    The following review has been copied from the blog 'The Duid's Thoughts'

    Saturday 20th June: We seem unable to manage to get all together for one gig at the moment. This weekend work and family commitments mean that Roj was at on Friday (reviews usually appear sometime on Monday) while I was there on Saturday. The only constant was Andy. I'm fairly certain that I got the best night.

    I was a bit late arriving at the Duchess and the first band, $lash Vega$, was already on stage. Indeed, I could hear them outside the venue. First impressions weren't good (the lead singer's covered in tattoos, has spiky hair and is that eye-liner he's wearing??? Yes, folks, I'm turning into my Mum...) but once I got a pint and started listening, I realised that you really shouldn't judge a band by what the lead singer's covered in. Hailing from Selby and Leeds and billed as Rock / Alternative / Metal, their output was a little too slash metal (the clue's in the name…
  • Getting ready for the EP...

    22 Mar 2009, 10:43 by mr-avatar

    In response to requests from our fans we have decided to produce a physical CD release of the Morpheus Rising EP 'The Original Demos 2008'. It's currently at the manufacturing plant and should be available for the end of this month! There will be a limited run of 250 copies with the first 10 lucky listeners getting their copies signed!!
    In preparation for this we have produced some merchandise which arrived at MRHQ yesterday and we are very pleased to announce that the official Morpheus Rising Online Store will be available from 12:00 GMT today!
    We're still waiting on the T-Shirts to arrive but they should be available fro the middle of next week.
    Go on, spread the word, you know you want to!
  • The initial release...

    10 Jan 2009, 01:30 by spkr4thdd

    The Original Demos 2008 was released on Boxing day 2008 and marks the first official release from both Morpheus Rising and WTG RECORDS.

    Showcasing the band's new take on with their distinctive twin guitar sound and driving rhythms while remaining true to the genre, it includes the first 5 demos the band produced including Save The Day - Demo Version and the powerhouse that is Lord Of The North - Demo Version, and is a taster for great future releases...