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Morke are noted as being the first NSBM group.
The Band was formed in 1993 in Germany (Würzburg/Bavaria)
Formerly known as Rahu.

Morke was an early German band who belonged to "Teutonic Brotherhood" along with Absurd, Coven Of The Worm, etc.

Recent bootleg release "Ave Sathanas" compiles all officially released material on one tape in chronological order.

Last known line-up
Konig Asura (A. Schott) - All (Asura…

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  • "Why Burzum doesn't count ?" Because this myth makes politically correct hypocrites feel more comfortable while listening to the main racist of BM scene.
  • Why Burzum doesn't count ?
  • What thought? Glamaster is just whining like a toddler. Get the fuck over yourself, or go start your own shitty black metal band.
  • The so called juvenile, nazi, evil and satanic OLD SCHOOL Black Metal is way better than the new stupid and pseudo-intelectual currents like political BM: RABM [someone need to tell them that anarchos and commies are enemies in the real world] or NSBM mixing crap as pagan/"Neandertaler"/mongoloid/tribal ancient religions with some humanitarian/pro-life politics of National Socialism and Fascism], religious BM (f.ex: satanic, pagan, christian, hedonist), "Black" Metal pro-homossexualism (like D$BM & techno/mainstream/progressive/commercial bands), Zioni$t/Orthodox Jew$ (as $alem from I$rael - yeah, they worship Abraham, Isaac, Jacoh, Moses, Ben Gurion... They hate Islam and Christianity as they hate European History, Atheists, Heathens or Jews against Zionism), etc. The new Black Metal is getting really disgusting... Who will be the next acts? A band with 5 ladyboys? A "symphonic BM" band from Vatican? An African Sub-Saharan band worshiping Odin & Loke & Thor?
  • Does it really need to have certain words in lyrics to be passed as NSBM? The band was clearly NS motivated. I would say Morke was there among the first ones with polish hordes Fullmoon and Capricornus.
  • Lots of early "nsbm" bands just wrote juvenile "satanic & evil" lyrics. Would a "Sieg Heil" and then go on about darkness and evil really count as NS as a whole? The only lyric with NS-imagery i can spot is of the intro Hackenkreuz on 1996 demo Blutrausch.
  • Maybe not the very first but one of the first. What is the first one then? Burzum doesn't count.
  • "The first NSBM group" ???
  • "ein vorspiel - das bayern" - HÄH???????
  • Ketzergeschrei!!!

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