• Let It Go Before It Kills You

    7 Sep 2005, 03:38 by topekagirl

    Every bad break-up demands a mix tape. (Of course, now it's a mix CD or a mp3 mix, but I prefer the way mix tape sounds.) Generally, my break-up mix conforms to a specific pattern: Side A (now unpoetically named "the first half of the CD") contains a selection of sad songs about lost love, betrayal, heartache, etc. Think I Can't Make You Love Me. Side B contains a delicate balance of angry songs, say Joy, and upbeat songs like Ride. The theory being that by the time you listen to the whole mix, you will have successfully traversed all five stages of grief.

    Usually, this system serves me well. But the mix I made to commemorate the end of my latest relationship doesn't achieve the desired effect. Obviously this has something to do with song selection and placement, but what I'm wondering is why I chose these songs in this order. What was I thinking?

    Don't get me wrong. I like the mix in and of itself. It just hasn't help me get over the guy. At all. …