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There are multiple artists named Moral:

1) Moral was a Danish minimal wave band formed in Århus, Denmark in 1981 by Ingolf Brown (synths), Hanne Winterberg (vocals) and Marco Andreis (guitar). They were active between 1981 and 1984, releasing the cassettes "Dance of the Dolls" (Ådsel Service, 1981) and "Whispering Sons" (Ådsel Service, 1982), and the LP "And Life Is…" (ARP Records, 1984), as well as contributing three tracks to the double LP compilation "Somewhere Outside - Etellerandetstedudenfor" in 1983 on the well-known Irmgardz label.
Their music is almost all synths, ranging from playful electropop (with a Roland TR-606, Boss DR-55) to ambient electronic soundscapes with Hanne’s mesmerizing vocals making many of the tracks sounding very similar to The Vyllies or some of the ethereal bands from the Projekt Records label, and musically also some similarities to Twice A Man. This CD re-issue is more than justified as the music is just superb and the original releases are ultra rare and if available at all, very expensive. Includes, of course, their cult hit “Lady Happiness”.
The group released its debut cassette in late 1981 on Ingolf Browns cassettelabel Ådsel Service. His label also released the groups second cassette which was released during the summer of 1982. The group played very few concerts, but played support for both Monochrome Set and Nico. In 1983 they had 3 tracks released on the sampler-LP Somewhere On The Outside, released by Irmgardz including only groups from outside of Copenhagen. The group dissolved in 1985.

2) Moral is a Greek band founded in 2003 by Thomas Papazoglou and Michael Sopolidis. The purpose of the band is search for truth within, the discovery of a procedure of catharsis thru music writing and playing. The band also joined Nikos Tavoularis (Lead & Rhythm Guitars), Andreas Broutas (Bass Guitars), Nikos Nezeritis (Rhythm Guitars) and Michalis Kasvikis (Drums). MORAL's first record "Moral-Unfulfilled Love" consists of a modern sound on the guitars, melodic passages on the keyboards, some orchestral parts as well as solo cello and violin, making reference to Chinese films like "2046" and "In the mood for love" by Wong Kar Wai. The lyrics have a rather romantic tone presenting a tragic story of love.
"To me Wong Kar Wai is a source of inspiration, during song writing I constantly had in mind a specific sound the record should have and every single note has its purpose, I needed for every sound to create some kind of feeling." - Thomas Papazoglou
Moral could be described as Drama Rock, with singer Thomas Papazoglou singing his poetic lyrics in his unique way.
"Poetry is probably the only way I can express the complexity of my feelings. I am mainly interested to interpret the actual lyrics then just sing them. Maybe this is a way to find salvation of those things that are tormenting me. The lyrics have something surreal allowing people to approach them from different angles and from their own point of view. Also, they are written in such a way that the little dark story of our album unfolds while going thru the tracks on the record." - Thomas Papazoglou
The production and mixing took place in Germany, Nuernberg by Thomas and Michael. The production including the pre-production lasted a year and a half. During the mixing the band received invaluable advice by Roland Prent (Rammstein, Nine Inch Nails, HIM etc) who works at Galaxy Studios. The album was mastered at the Sterling Sound Studios NY by Ted Jensen (Metallica, Evanescence, HIM etc).
The cover design as well as the booklet was done by the well known Japanese manga designer, Dan Kim. Dan Kim supplied the band with the necessary tools, which will distinguish the band from now on.

3) Moral (Морал) is a Medonian hard rock band, led by vocalist Vlatko Ilievski. They have one studio album with big hits like: "Ти си мој бол", "Кога патувам", "Скопје", "Ти си". Vlatko Ilievski started his own solo career.

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