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  1. National Socialist Black Metal from Poland featuring members of Sunwheel, Saltus and Forgotten Past.

  2. Bloodwhip - guitar
    Nekrophiliac - vocals
    Set - drums (Carpe Noctem (Pol), Strandhogg)

    Lyrical theme(s)
    perverse, BDSM, anti-christian


  3. 2 bands under the name Leichengott:

    1- Leichengott (POL):

    Fast & raw Black Metal from Olsztyn, Poland. Formed in 2003.


    C.N.R. (Demo)…

  4. There are at least 4 bands with name "Beleth"

    1) Beleth is a heavy metal band from Los Angeles, California. Their music contains elements of black…

  5. Polish black metal band.

    The name means Hellish Deed.

  6. Raw black metal from Poland, with 2 EPs and LP :

    Dignity of Terror (2007)
    Demonic Possessions (2008)
    Cold Disease of Reality (2009)
    Soulless god's…

  7. There are at least 4 bands with called Sunwheel:

    1) A Polish NSBM band, before 2002 known as Swastyka.

    2) A side project of Sean Bowley (Eden).…

  8. Strandhogg are a black metal band hailing from Poznan, Poland, formed in 2002. Contrary to somewhat over-excited description in the archives,…

  9. Polish NSBM band...


    1998 Promo Tape 88 (low quality, recorded in basement)
    2003 Death To Z.O.G. !!! / Deep Woods (split with polish…

  10. NSBM from Poland, formerly known as Wolf's Moon.

  11. Flame of War is an Aryan Black Metal band hail from Wroclaw of Poland. Band members are:

    Njord - Guitars, Drums Programming, Effects, Vocals…

  12. Polish black metal solo project.
    "Wschód" is the Polish word for "East".
    Strigoi Records
    True Underground Productions
    2 punk band

  13. NS black metal band from Poland (Warszawa), in 2003 changed their name to Solar Wisdom.
    - 2001 - In the Name of Black Gammadion…

  14. Wings Of War is Polish Raw Thrash/Black Metal band formed in 2005.
    Apocalyptic Winds aka Belial - Guitar, Vocals (Moontower, Demiurg…

  15. Hegemoon is a pagan black metal band from Częstochowa, Poland. The band formed in 2000.

    There are four members: Daark (guitar, vocals), Pogan…

  16. There are 3 acts with this name:
    1 - A polish Black Metal band featuring Rob Darken from Graveland and members from Ohtar and Dark Fury
    2 -…

  17. Poland's Oremus is but a recent conflagration, formed 2010, by two members of Blaze of Perdition, Popioly (Ashes) is their debut album

  18. There are multiple bands with the name Thirst.

    1). Thirst is an English rock band from Portsmouth. Fronted by Chris Perrin , with Rich Tamblyn ,…

  19. Birth of the band in late January 2005 was inspired by guitarist Kaos. After his departure from HATE, without wasting any time, in collaboration…


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