• Hard to Find Music

    7 Jun 2006, 15:45 by RuffRidr

    I've been playing a lot of "Fight Night 3" on my friend's XBox 360 lately. Man, is that game addicting or what? We recenlty started fighting other people online via XBox Live. Just when you think you're good, you go and get a good smackdown from someone better than you. Anyway, the game comes with an exclusive soundtrack that is not to be found anywhere else. I really like one of the songs by Young Roscoe. It is called "Itz Nothin'". Unfortunately, I haven't been able to find it anywhere. If anybody knows where I can get this legally or otherwise, please let me know.

    Some other music that I've been having trouble finding is by a group called Moon Dog Mane. They were a side project by some of the members of Tesla. About five years ago they came out with one album. At the time, "Turn It Up" was played on the radio. I've been looking for that song ever since, but have not been able to find it. Again, if you know where I can get this song, let me know.