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  • Avatar for Kid_Polaroid
    Никогда не слышал ничего лучше.
  • Avatar for ATE_EU
    New Design is amazing!
  • Avatar for reverendquop
    Needs moar Bill.
  • Avatar for carman_ashlee
    could anyone post a link to Going Places and Alone, Not Alone? Thanks
  • Avatar for donchicharron
  • Avatar for montagmontag
    new remix for Stars!
  • Avatar for resistentlastfm
    And still available: 6 (7) Trackls for free<br>
  • Avatar for resistentlastfm Great Band since 1999.
  • Avatar for montagmontag
  • Avatar for Yogiber
    The way to handle ambiguous artist names is NOT to mutilate their names and your tags. See above.
  • Avatar for resistentlastfm
    Die Hamburger Band Montag heisst aber Montag und nicht "Mon)tag".
  • Avatar for montagmontag Enjoy!
  • Avatar for saschainsane
    Erster Tag beim Reeperbahnfestival mit Montag, Le Fly, J. Tillman und dinosaur Jr.
  • Avatar for VolcanoColdplay
    Achtung! Wenn ihr die Hamburger Band "Montag" meint, dann korrigiert eure MP3s bitte um in "Mon)tag"!!
  • Avatar for emmakid
    is there a way we can distinguish between Montag the band and Montag the Canadian?
  • Avatar for Raum16Music
    The german Band "Montag" have already released three (fabulous) records, so they are not one of these "new" bands... still, even though it's just a graphic-element, sometimes they are called "Mon)tag" - that is the name where you find their wiki as well...
  • Avatar for Dreamfall
    kind of irritating, since i like both montag the solo person and montag the band. their songs will be all mixed up on this site now.
  • Avatar for RicoLeSaboteur
    right. all you new bands looking for a name: check first! :)
  • Avatar for IndiePanda
    There is also a german Band called Montag, it is great, but no electro;)
  • Avatar for joelleppard
    Nice work, Antoine! <3 Keats' Handwriting!
  • Avatar for _nadia
    I love his remixes, will check out his normal stuff.
  • Avatar for theworldxxx
    (! _ ?)/
  • Avatar for ParcoMolo
    This band is absolutley mesmerizing! Quite frankly, I've never heard anything better.
  • Avatar for disasterhead
  • Avatar for adhjeroen
  • Avatar for ChuckHollywood
  • Avatar for InASafePlace
    Going Places is my favorite song of his, one of my favorites in the last few years
  • Avatar for montagmontag
    Europe tour coming up...!
  • Avatar for pushpullpulk
    such a beautiful album...
  • Avatar for gaaf_gaaf
    Waiting to see him live next friday...
  • Avatar for multesimus
    Please come back to Utrecht! We even like the 'very gay' song you played :P
  • Avatar for farangstar
    those eyelashes are pretty intriguing, if you ask me.
  • Avatar for naomijade
    Inspiring and consistently good throughout all of his albums, I love Going Places.
  • Avatar for tragicbutterfly
    Just saw him a couple of hours ago. He's adorable.
  • Avatar for tyler_antoine
    Saw him last night I AM IN LOVE
  • Avatar for Dreamfall
    oh, i really like his album Going Places, it's great!
  • Avatar for InASafePlace
    of course I do... :)
  • Avatar for InASafePlace
    the song Going Places is just so damn amazing and lovely...
  • Avatar for thelonelygeek
    He is a hottie.
  • Avatar for Mustafe
    montag is amazing
  • Avatar for photes
    I have sound is so good
  • Avatar for antenna
  • Avatar for Ratigan
    He certainly has sound!
  • Avatar for blanko_franko
    trippy and mellow. loves it on sunny mornings.
  • Avatar for trans1ence
    holy god he is incredible in every aspect of his music. it is rare to hear synth work this well executed, and the melodies... incredible.
  • Avatar for Marshallmaddnes
    really enjoying going places
  • Avatar for the_peanut
    Good stuff!
  • Avatar for guffelkind
  • Avatar for LarsIndie
    Time diference I I = Nirvana
  • Avatar for KtM407
    Perfect Vision = yay!


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