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  • Avatar for Rogerrr57
    What happened to them?
  • Avatar for crownanchor
    cool to be here
  • Avatar for icaro2416
    Annalee Fery (vocals, keyboard) now is [artist]Lonely Trees[/artist]
  • Avatar for deityRay
    Fascination ♥
  • Avatar for gefsi556
    like <3...:)
  • Avatar for goinghometime
    What happened to these guys? All their songs are perfect. I've seen them twice and miss them!
  • Avatar for well_i_wonder
    their cover of 'i wanna be adored' is fantastic!
  • Avatar for PlayThatTrack
    Ones And Zeros <3
  • Avatar for LuisBui
    where's the news that they broke up?
  • Avatar for ih8gorgonzola
    this band defines high school for me. why aren't they still together?
  • Avatar for xminuslebeer
    I can't believe this band is no longer together. It makes me extremely sad...that's not a sarcastic joke, either. I really do long for more albums.
  • Avatar for oasa
    My vote changed the title pic...:)
  • Avatar for dimiface
    miss them.
  • Avatar for whamcity
    wow. was listening to this after blonde redhead, blended so well. these guys are so underrated
  • Avatar for kddude
    i've got them all down (i think) by now, but i haven't seen them online anywhere
  • Avatar for kddude
  • Avatar for PennyDr3adful
    not bad
  • Avatar for biteslife
    addicted to them <3
  • Avatar for icaro2416
    un grupo mas que interesante.merece la pena conocerlo.
  • Avatar for sypsays
    You can get their latest EP at
  • Avatar for ImNotSxE
    Love this band.
  • Avatar for alomaxx
    Who has the new EP?
  • Avatar for Carnecaliel
    Awesome band, I am totally addicted to "A Perfect Stranger"
  • Avatar for chriscross13
    Please listen carefully to the very beginning of Don't Go. It will bring you many a laugh. Something is said about sand and vaginas.
  • Avatar for Are_Quiet
    nice 8)
  • Avatar for lachinasue
    i love them! but are they going to do some more stuff??
  • Avatar for the_gray_fox
    Get back to Eve6 Siebels!!!
  • Avatar for goinghometime
    I can't believe how popular they got!
  • Avatar for girlwholived
    i heard last goodbye on my recommendations radio and all i've gotta say is WOW. i need this CD.
  • Avatar for marcuscarcus
    anyone heard about any new stuff of theres coming out soon???
  • Avatar for indiekook
    listening to you on the radio, right now :P!
  • Avatar for madytza_4u
    hey you guys are great. ♥♥♥♥ good job ! I love your songs :)
  • Avatar for dimiface
    Cigarette Burns isnt a monsters song....
  • Avatar for DirtyPearl
  • Avatar for notginger
    The capslock on Fascination, Last Goodbye, and Firefly is really annoying.
  • Avatar for oh_no_eric
  • Avatar for BadassKida
    Doloresss: yay ))))))
  • Avatar for Doloresss
  • Avatar for goinghometime
    Amazing.. saw them live 2 years ago for free at this small indie show at the Hammer museum..saw them open up for She Wants Revenge...and the singer is amazingly PRETTY!
  • Avatar for metalmuhlisha
    way too underrated.
  • Avatar for twister1988
    herd them on XMU last night and I liked them a lot
  • Avatar for AndyOutbreak
    The members of Monsters Are Waiting are sooo extremely nice.
  • Avatar for veruca_salt11
    is it monsters are waiting, or monsters are waiting... cause on their webpage it has the 3 dots...i'm trying to tag them right so help!
  • Avatar for desertfenix
    Thanks for coming out to Palm Springs! You guys worked the stage and left a great impression on the people that stayed. It was great to work with an amazing band.
  • Avatar for jessixa
    yeah! :)
  • Avatar for ilboss
    great album!
  • Avatar for j-easy
    where's all the MAW fans
  • Avatar for TheFifthElement

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