• The last.fm experience - hopefully to be continued for every user soon...

    26 Jun 2009, 17:06 by groemupaz

    Last.fm is – or has been probably… regarding the current situation of just being completely free in three remaining countries (UK, USA and Germany), we should going to think about any fitting and comfortable solution for this pretty unpleasant problem – a really great opportunity for all the music lovers worldwide to celebrate the already known favourites as well as to (re)discover plenty of old and new, promising, incredible and truly important artists! Despite the further development of this site, I’d like to express my gratitude for experiencing more than a couple of artists I wouldn’t even recognize otherwise, at least perhaps… So this is a random list (very incomplete indeed) in no particular order of absolutely remarkable stuff found here including short descriptions – if possible…

    Geezers of Nazareth got summer?
    Ultimate Spinach if you like 60s/70s psychedelia, you’ll adore this
    Туризм among The Gathering the best in trip rock
  • 27,000

    20 Dec 2007, 13:21 by dreamloomer

    Monsieur Cheu - Éternel recomencement

    Yes, I know it may seem strange given my musical taste :)
    Generally I don't like hip-hop and rap much, but well, the French hip-hop is a completely different thing :)