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Monoq is an artist specialising in everything and something. Monoq is a pioneer of this genre. He is most famous through his renowned "experimental tag redistribution" technique.
A biography from the artist's web label:
"I dont have all that much history yet. But heres what i got.-More than 6 months ago I was introduced to a program called Rebirth.I fooled around a lot with that and my love for techno grew substantiallyand I began to appreaciate all music more then before, noticing more depth in songs, and how they're all put together basically…A few months after being introduced to ReBirth I was introduced to a program called ACID - This is where I started seriously making music,Friends of mine at AcidPlanet.com introduced me to Fruitloops, Orion, and other programs to help me make my music…All the songs currently on mp3.com were made with ACID, but ill be getting an MC-307 in a week ( or less :) ) - Anyhow,Im sure you're bored reading about my so called history… Just stay tuned to my site and look for updates, and new songs :)"

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