• Update - "lesser known yet streamable" tag

    24 Feb 2006, 03:21 by scarebear

    The tag I started turned out to be pretty popular, and other people have been adding artists since its creation until now. While other people have been more liberal in the definition of "lesser known", mine still follow the rule of having to have less than 5,000 fans to be added to the tag. Not that it matters all that much. Some of the artists I've added, I tagged because someone else had tagged them, and I was curious to hear what they sounded like. But I still don't know what they sound like since they haven't come up on my player yet. If I hear them and I don't like them I may untag them.

    Here's what's been added starting Feb. 10th:
    (currently at 256 listeners)
    ---Benny Carter
    (Currently at 1,966 listeners)
    ---Bel Canto
    (Currently at 1,725 listeners)
    ---Helge Krabye
    (currently at 62 listeners)

    Done looking at the artists and how many listeners, and here's the result. And, as was planned, if the number's over 10,000 they get removed from the list.