• 7" vinyl

    12 Jan 2007, 22:48 by smc2911

    slimduncan's journal posting "7 Inches Part 1 ..." describes a far more extensive collection of those little pieces of black plastic than my collection boasts, but in the spirit of openness shown in that post, I thought that I too would expose my 7" soul.

    My vinyl collection period stretched from 1980 to 1990. It began when my sister and I were given a copy of the single Moscow (the theme for the 1980 Olympics) and it came to an end when I purchased my first CD, World Clique, in 1990. Well, almost: recently I bought a vinyl copy of the elusive deleted album Hippopotamomus on ebay (I didn't read the posting carefully enough and thought I was buying a CD!).

    Over 80s I didn't buy many 7" singles, preferring the 12" variety (both LPs and EPs), so here's the full list.

    Working in the Coalmine
    Goody Two Shoes
    Michael's theme