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  • Avatar for Schnedlit
    Molly Hatchet = ICONS!
  • Avatar for EduSkynyrd
    pretty band
  • Avatar for oldiesfanjohn
    ??? V.. Ashton born in 1978. So your comment is way way way off base. A band like Molly Hatchet shouldn't be discovered that way with that bullshit. Something is amiss. You must of watched too many "That '70s Show" reruns. (*Sarcasm*)
  • Avatar for Souldivalove
    Wouldn't have had a clue this artist existed if Ashton Kutcher hadn't knocked some girl up at one of their concerts in the 70's...
  • Avatar for MetalRocknAles
    Molly Hatchet FTW!
  • Avatar for jazzthieve
    Spotify playlist: [url=]Rock University: 60 years of Rock Music[/url]
  • Avatar for T_Higginz
    You gotta love those twin guitars!!
  • Avatar for Hartmann183
    Southern Rock !!!!!
  • Avatar for Runoflife
    Great southern rock band
  • Avatar for MetalRock1989
  • Avatar for naturefirst
    double trouble live,live,live !!!!!!!!!
  • Avatar for naturefirst
    molly with danny good
  • Avatar for Metalship_en
    Here are all the photos and the report of the show of Molly Hatchet at the HELLFEST 2012 : Looking forward to your feedback !
  • Avatar for tevorize
    If you are in the area Molly Hatchet is playing at the Rock, Ribs, and Ridges festival in Vernon NJ this weekend. You should head over and check it out!
  • Avatar for GodOfRnR
    better than Lynyrd Skynyrd? ;)
  • Avatar for Panecea
    Ha! Bbohsgerry, if it weren't for those redneck's you'd probably be speaking German right now.
  • Avatar for Bbohsgerry
    bunch of redneck biker swampy types.remember these swampies slagging punks and skinheads when they played britain and ireland.ended up getting stage invaded and got their arses kicked,back late 70's earlt 80's.belong with the likes of poco,firefall,blackfoot,kansas et el
  • Avatar for rok2slayr
    forgotten legends.
  • Avatar for rok2slayr
    forgotten legends.
  • Avatar for Frank-Oliver
    Epic Molly Hatchet is the finest in southern rock
  • Avatar for njbell2000
    One of the best southern rock bands!
  • Avatar for DVZ38Special
    Danny Joe Brown was the "MAN"
  • Avatar for MKVR32
    Dudes need more recognition.
  • Avatar for Zeppelin80AcDc
    fucking AWESOME southern HEAVY rock band of all time.
  • Avatar for silverlage
    You guys have some of the best album covers, ever!
  • Avatar for lennyweed
    the absolete best fuckn voice in southern rock hands down god brought him home to early(miss ya danny hope yer still rockin in heaven)
  • Avatar for browzera
  • Avatar for WSteven
    Gator Country
  • Avatar for WSteven
    Just another hot southern florida band!
  • Avatar for Hewi_Harri
    Last night gig was awesome, damn i like it. Live@ DOM, Helsinki Finland. Bounty Hunter!...
  • Avatar for zoborey
    underrated as hell! damn this band is awesome
  • Avatar for ImSickAndTired
    Great and very underrated band.
  • Avatar for wildone9664
    hometown heroes!!!
  • Avatar for fsoneghet
    boogie no more should be on number one position
  • Avatar for alfapp
    Boogie No More - such a big kick-ass
  • Avatar for golezanimo
    nothin' beats southern music
  • Avatar for DookieMestrebug
    Whiskey man, don't you play that hand too long.
  • Avatar for weedmanwwry
    every single time i hear flirting with disaster my dick engorges and lets out some sort of scorching hot black liquid i can only assume is rock n roll in its purest form
  • Avatar for Sanctus0815
    The new album is a good one, but not that i had expected
  • Avatar for lottadogs
    ya'll should listen to Gator Country, they are the original Molly Hatchet members; except of course Danny Joe Brown; RIP!
  • Avatar for StoneAnima
    Can we get a better main picture? This one's been up for a while now.
  • Avatar for Argarath
    I have to say that I really like their music..Am I untrve now ??? ;)
  • Avatar for Jacob102
    Hey if you dig Black Oak Arkansas and live around Dayton Ohio, come out to Mcguffy's House of Draft this Saturday ( MAY 22nd) and check out Black Oak live!!!!!! Check it out on facebook!/event.php?eid=100172426694976&ref=mf
  • Avatar for FreeOrDead
    Amazing band!
  • Avatar for gatorlu
  • Avatar for BluesRok
    I just discovered a kick-ass Southern Rock Band: [artist]BlackBerry Smoke[/artist]. Check them out!
  • Avatar for metalmama76
    Thanks for adding me :)
  • Avatar for susanstike
    seen them twice live. neither time did they dissappoint!
  • Avatar for viniciusrv
    Wonderful! I love this band, top underrated....
  • Avatar for Wabrewman
    "Flirtin' With Disaster"...I still remember seeing these guys in East Grand Forks in 1986 in a small club. Awesome show!!


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