• Buying SE-Asian music. And a few lines about Lilyjets

    12 Jan 2006, 00:16 by helikoppter

    I just placed my first order for this year (yay! I managed more than two weeks without ordering anything at all!!) and this time I decided to buy a CD from a Thai artist for the first time - the debut album from alt popper Mardi. She has some really nice, catchy songs and she's just so cute and I kinda like how Thai writing looks... And on top of that Thai CDs are really cheap, even online, so I decided to try eThaiCD that I've heard lots of good things about (Not only is shipping included in the price - it also supposed to be very fast!).

    On a related matter I'm also planning on purchasing my first Philippine albums in not too long. I'll most definitly get Kitchie Nadal's album, that was (recently?) re-released with some extra tracks and an additional vcd, and I'm kinda concidering getting Mojofly's Now as I've heard Lougee did a great job replacing Kitchie. I still haven't decided where to order from though, so right now I'm choosing between Divisoria and Kabayan Central. …