• KFLA Update 1/27/09 - Mojo Wire, We Are the Fury, Japan Nite, Spectrum X and more!!!

    27 Jan 2009, 19:43 by TheKnitLA

    Tuesday, March 3rd
    Picture Atlantic, Queens Club, Chandeliers, …Students
    8:00 PM, $10
    Formed in late 2005, Picture Atlantic came together as a group of friends who wrote songs to reflect their fun summer. Jumping onto the local music scene with their EP Change is Welcome, Picture Atlantic crafted music to echo their experiences and feelings. The group played Warped Tour at Shoreline in 2007, and released their debut, Kleos, this past summer.

    Thursday, March 5th
    Mojo Wire, the united snakes, The Hitz, Adam Bones
    8:00 PM, $8
    When they supported Girl in a Coma here in December, the room was filled with new fans and all in the crowd counted themselves as the newly converted. Reigning from Philly, East LA, Eagle Rock, Detroit, MI and Garden Grove, CA, Mojo Wire's name comes from a Hunter S. Thompson reference. Fronted by Monique Powell, former lead singer of KROQ sweethearts Save Ferris, the Mojo Wire is what would happen if Tina Turner were impregnated by the MC5 and Iggy Pop - sheer genius. …