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Mojo, like his music, is, uh, a little hard to label. It's not surprising really, after all, he's literally a little hard to pin down. Let me explain. (Or at least try to.) Mojo was conceived in America but born in South Hampton, England, which obviously isn't very Apple Pie. But, he didn't grow up “on the other side of the pond.” Actually, scratch that, he kinda did – if you consider Africa “the other side of the pond.” So Mojo is either an African English American or, an English American African or an American African Englishman.

Since then things have gotten a lot more hazy. As a musician Mojo has played in twenty-five countries across Asia, Africa, Europe, The Caribbean, South America, Latin America and Eastern Europe. He's performed for presidents, monks, lonely soldiers, screaming girls, head bangers, hippies and random drunk people; and been met with open hearts everywhere, well, with the exception of that one gig in, ah, never mind. Mojo is a man of many talents besides being a guitar god (nominated for guitarist of the year at Musicians Institute) he is also a minor deity on the bass, double bass, piano, drums, and cowbell. Heck, he even wails on the banjo.Mojo Mugshot

These days, Mojo is based in Los Angeles where he is a successful composer, producer and musician who enjoys long walks on the beach. (One of the previous statements is false. Obviously.) Of course, being Mojo, he has a finger in many different pots so he's still impossible to pigeonhole. Some things never change.

So, that's Mojo. In a nutshell.

And you thought the word eclectic was only used to describe someone's taste.

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