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  • Avatar for grandbazaar
    You gotta be kidding the new album absolutely slays. Black Roses, Morning Dies Here, I Still Won't Look Down, Mechanical, God is In The White Rice and Comes the Sun are all great tracks. This is as good if not better than Creature.
  • Avatar for jurlacher
    New album is pretty disappointing after a few listens. It's a shame, too, since Moist was one of the only 90s CanRock bands that didn't get terrible before breaking up.
  • Avatar for grandbazaar
    new song available :
  • Avatar for Hypnaswan
    Criminally underrated [3]
  • Avatar for Hypnaswan
  • Avatar for grandbazaar
    New album "Glory Under Dangerous Skies" out October 7th 2014!
  • Avatar for Sun-Eclipse
    For those who like "Once burned, twice shy" song and some Remixes on it, - this is not Moist, this is [artist]Mois†[/artist] ! :) One awesome Witch House project. And songs are from "Good'Mourning [EP]" that was released in 2013
  • Avatar for igorgeneration
    Push! <3
  • Avatar for felip_ars
    It's coming!!!
  • Avatar for Riddlesoftricks
    Rumors of a possible reunion via David Usher?
  • Avatar for Dance08
    Silver & Creature are two outstanding albums from Moist. Check them both out if you haven't
  • Avatar for webstravaganza
    I'll always been a little angry at David Usher for going in the direction he did, because I bet Moist would just be completely awesome if they had continued as a bad. They'd still be right up there with Our Lady Peace.
  • Avatar for Nocioni
  • Avatar for Riddlesoftricks
    Still love em! :D
  • Avatar for MoelDjango
    Heal Yeah \,,/
  • Avatar for SarahFACESTARR
    Criminally underrated.[2]
  • Avatar for Klonki
  • Avatar for needlefeet
    it's something special.
  • Avatar for composera
    I like the Similar Artists section, brings back memories. A lot of fantastic alt rock came from Canada in the 90's.
  • Avatar for Dark99
    Criminally underrated.
  • Avatar for LQQKIE
    Join group [group]Canada[/group], if you like [tag]Canadian[/tag] music
  • Avatar for DarkElvick
    I didn't know Moist were from Canada, awesome.
  • Avatar for musiknick
    I'm so proud they're from Canada. One of the best canadian band of all time. I was listening to that when I was 7 years old. Old memories...
  • Avatar for C-jT
    It's amazing how amazing bands like Moist get completely forgotten or never received the attention or fame they deserved. Nickelwho???? Fuck them...the best band to ever come out of Canada. Push, Silver, Tangerine, Gasoline....such incredible songs.
  • Avatar for p0wer_v1olence
    machine punch through ftw
  • Avatar for leonarbe
    I really like "Breath" & "Underground", both played in 1999.
  • Avatar for ShroomieB
    Awesome band was awesome!
  • Avatar for Jimbo282
    I wish this band could reunite and create some new stuff
  • Avatar for geneticdust09
    от песни "hate" хочется сдохнуть!!!!!!!!
  • Avatar for serenasattar
    awesome band!
  • Avatar for TheDarkOrb
    I'm surprised that they don't have as many listeners as Davids solo work.
  • Avatar for michaelturner
    Does anyone know how to remove the album called Alone? It is from a completely separate artist who happens to also use the name Moist. I'd do it myself but I can't figure out how. I'm getting really tired of his stuff coming up when I am listening to the real Moist's station.
  • Avatar for Dance08
    Love this band
  • Avatar for mjava21
  • Avatar for pahex
    No idea how I found Moist but Silver has been on my top5 albums list since 2000. Reunion already plz X-))
  • Avatar for ShinryuFM
    Great band. Their music lives on in the solo career of David Usher, but it's always nice to go back to the full band recordings.
  • Avatar for krbec
    good stuff
  • Avatar for amyjwatson
    my favourite band of all time :D
  • Avatar for kpop_rubba
    David Usher is so hott. I know why they're called "Moist".
  • Avatar for immorak
    Get back together now!
  • Avatar for itbo
    always love to hear this band.. don't care if they're underrated or not. great music and lyrics..
  • Avatar for Benfm92
    ordered creature from amazon and it just came through.. fucking awesome =] criminal how little they're listened to..
  • Avatar for StupidGenius
    I really love Moist and all, but for everyone saying they're the pinnacle of Canadian rock... uh, Rush anybody?
  • Avatar for Benfm92
    really loving this band at the moment.. amazing how underrated they appear to be
  • Avatar for noiseandhaste
    I <3 David Usher's cowboy hat.
  • Avatar for sp1tekiller
    Moist... such an under-rated band! They should be Canada's biggest rock band really.
  • Avatar for Catastroph3
    Moist are a very decent band, just got listening to them cos my dad listens to them, During the close of the grunge era, and that definately shows, but very unique, nice band to listen to.
  • Avatar for devilsbymyside
    moist were the absolute height of canadian rock... nothing now lives up imo!
  • Avatar for craigor
    wtf not available to play on!
  • Avatar for Ankakay
    geeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeenius. now, if only i could osmose and grok how to join this group. erm, right this durn instant, that is.


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