• Best and Worst of MyTop 10

    9 Apr 2010, 23:25 by Le_newtype

  • My recent albums...

    15 Aug 2006, 22:18 by jambot

    This is my first journal entry so i dont rightly know how to begin...

    I was wondering if anyone shared my opinions of the albums I bought in the past few months:

    Collide - Chasing the Ghost: This was a bit of an impulse buy... but i really like the Trip-Hop/Darkwave vibe (those genres go together suprisingly well). However i think kaRIN's warblings are a little pretentious. most of the tracks are good to chillout to though.

    Neuroticfish - Gelb: Another impulsive buy. i just figured i needed more EBM in my collection. i was a little dissapointed with it, most of the tracks are samey despite the odd fun dance tune.

    KMFDM - Hau Ruck: This album kicks ass! I think this is exactly how KMFDM should sound. But I get a little bored of it after the first 5 tracks.

    Ayria - Flicker: This album was better than i thought it was goin to be, the tracks are quite varied with Trancey EBM, Synthpop with an 80's vibe and even a grunge track.