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Katrien (5:23)


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  • katrien. for ever and ever.
  • Why does every song that has a bassline in A or D minor have be compared to Tool?
  • voices telling me in whispers something to do. "nooo, i can't do this". in the end, everything they have said, came true
  • Mogwai is too good. They slay.
  • katrien. for ever and ever.
  • so fucking underrated and under-recoginsed
  • One of my all time favorite albums. Such a great listen from top to bottom.
  • This song is the definition of intense.
  • mm. haven't listened to young team in ages
  • katrien. for ever and ever.
  • katrien. for ever and ever.
  • first mogwai i heard- i was hooked from this
  • this is a must own album for any true music fan!
  • woww
  • Speak up, you Mogwai...crank it up...great tune
  • Top Mogwai track!
  • Voice/inaudible mumbling is very reminiscent of Doug Yule's vocals in "The Murder Mystery" by The Velvet Underground. Check it out.
  • Makes me think of Tool - Wings for Marie.
  • My personal favorite Mogwai track.
  • hauntingly beautiful
  • inaudibly awesome. "They don't wanna see or hear or feel anything"... I caught that line.
  • something something something, dark side, something something something, complete. oh wait, that was somewhere else
  • I have nothing but praise for this piece of music. Although it'd be great to satisfy my curiosity as far as the lyrics themselves go, it's no major concern and clearly such knowledge would be at best corollary.
  • quest'album in messico ho god!
  • beautiful to the ears
  • You're not supposed to know everything being said. The mystery is half the fun. ;)
  • i can pick out so many of the phrases spoken in the background, but there isn't a collection of all of the words anywhere that i can find...i'd really like to know what is being said. just for the hell of it
  • i luv it
  • something something took pictures of yetis.
  • улёт........^_^
  • lully shtuff
  • GGood fuckin song
  • This is one of their best songs.
  • this song is sweet. i wish i knew the lyrics though, it seems no one on the internet recognizes them.
  • truly mindblowing, amazing piece of post-rock
  • thänx
  • yeah!
  • The best band ever!!!
  • moje :)

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