• five songs i am obsessing over on january 25th

    25 Jan 2006, 19:12 by khalfnoise

    and when i say obsessing over, i mean listening to multiple times.

    1) Sigur Ros - untitled #8

    2) Mogwai- new paths to helicon pt. 1 (government commissions version)

    3) Jesu - your path to divinity (thank you, brett)

    4) Godspeed You Black Emperor - the dead flag blues

    5) Beck - gameboy/homeboy [que' onda guero] (thank you, trent)

    also, it's been a mild january, but today is definitely a winter day. i drive up and down many hills in order to get anywhere. of course, this morning - all covered in snow with ice underneath the snow. i was already running late for my 8 am class and winter did not help. so it goes, at least i was listening to mogwai. i'm moving south.
  • Group pressure

    25 Jan 2006, 18:10 by psychodad84

  • 2006 releases.

    25 Jan 2006, 14:04 by kbyrne

    The following are amazing upcoming releases:

    Coldcut - Sound Mirrors
    Mogwai - Mr. Beast
    Mates of State - Bring It Back

    Especially Mates Of State.. start the new year in style and go purchase it. When it comes out... its superduper.
  • Bands that I've seen live

    25 Jan 2006, 03:36 by crazystick

    Well it seems like for 2006 is all about making lists so I guess I should have at least one big long one so here it no particular order

    Mogwai - This was definitely the furthest I've been for a gig, all the way from Manchester to Bute Island off the coast of Glasgow...there's nothing quite like getting up at 5am and travelling for many hours (including a ferry trip), then sitting on the beach, drinking whiskey to prepare you for some ear-bleedingly loud post-rock.
    The Quantic Soul Orchestra with Alice Russell - one of the bands I'm most looking forward to seeing again in 2006
    Tortoise - an entire audience performing something akin to Steve Reich's clapping music can't be a bad thing
    Sonic Youth - the first time in Shepherd Bush was one of my all time classic gigs (although at the time I was pretty clueless!)
    CocoRosie - Beautiful. Nothing more you can say except I wish the room was smaller
    The Fall - the only band I ever saw in my home town of Macclesfield. A bit special.
  • b-day

    25 Jan 2006, 02:22 by shdw_wlkng_fl

    So, it would seem that a year ago I made the choice to join what was then Audioscrobbler, now mostly known as At today I have 15,215 tracks played.

    Overall, I've seen some interesting choices at the top of my charts.
    As of today I have reached over 1000 plays of my current number one Jakalope, and I still have over 700 plays on my former number one Nine Inch Nails. Current number two, Lunik have stormed my charts more so than most of my favourite groups.

    Roughly a year ago my top artists were dominated by male vocals, and while I'm not sure that's still almost the case, the last year has seen me move in a direction that has me listening to both heavier, and softer, and mostly more experimental music (all from my subjective point of view, and yes it doesn't make sense either) including Mogwai, and Ray Montford appearing in my top ten. While the less frequently played on my computer, but if taking other listening into account, Opeth, KMFDM, and Godspeed You! Black Emperor (most recently appearing on my actual artist chart) have all seen frequent play.
  • Woo Hoo

    24 Jan 2006, 16:11 by momentalone

    Well my custom mini-to-mini finally arrived. Which is fantastic news, as it now means my portable music rig is complete!

    The audio fidelity is so crisp and sharp I can easily distinguish between shitty encoded MP3s and VBRs etc... it's quite crazy actually.

    According to my sources, the amp will be at it's best after a few hundred hours of burning it in. Same goes for the headphones.

    Burning something in, is just basically leaving it on for a certain amount of times.. does wonders with the components apparently.

    Holy shit, Im hearing little bits in John Mayer's music that I never heard before. I know he's hardly the most "musical" of the artists I like... but that just makes it all the more incredible IMO.

    So dont expect much audioscrobbler music uploads any time soon... for a while most of my music listening is getting done through this.

    Here are some pics Ive JUST taken to clarify what my portable rig actually is.

    This is it all disconnected
  • Singles

    23 Jan 2006, 19:45 by jeffthejiff

    One of my collegues at work has the radio on all day so im usually forced to listen to it. There are actually some good singles at the moment though. Juicebox is fantastic; i was very suprised when i heard it was by The Strokes. Usually their music is so droney and uninteresting but their latest album is a quantum leap ahead.

    Im also liking the cover of a track by The Knife, Heartbeats. It's so radically different to the original; genius.

    On another note, i've also heard Mogwai's new album, Mr. Beast. I'm not terribly impressed to be honest. It's alright, but it just hasnt got that zing that they used to have. I suppose they cant reinvent the wheel now, especially with 65daysofstatic making their sound a thousand times more interesting already.
  • Top 10 Jan 15-22

    23 Jan 2006, 13:54 by 1337weasley

    Week 2! Hooray!

    1. Pavement (-)
    Pavement is amazing. That laid-back I-don't-care sound is oddly hypnotic. Crooked Rain, Crooked Rain is on as I write this. Everything just seems to meld perfectly.

    2. Modest Mouse (-1)
    The Moon and Antarctica is an amazing album, one which you must simply hear to comprehend. They have a perfect blend of claustrophobic, creepy tunes and feel-good ones as well.

    3. Mogwai (+4)
    I got Young Team this week, and I am immensely impressed. Mogwai Fear Satan is one of the few 15 minute + tracks I can listen to all the way through. They kinda miss the mark when they use vocals though. Very generic sounding.

    4. (tie) Architecture in Helsinki (-2)
    I'm not a huge fan of Fingers Crossed, but I simply love In Case We Die. Seriously, how many people are in this band? Can you even call them a band? It's so weird, yet incredibly satisfying. Can't get enough of the bass line in Neverevereverdid.

    4. (tie) The Futureheads (-2)
  • 2000 tracks played...

    23 Jan 2006, 12:23 by chickrocksteady

    i see i have surpassed the 2000 tracks mark now.
    thats nice.
    interstingly, i havent listened to a single band more than 80 times.
    Biffy Clyro are at 79, still my top cos of that biffy marathon i had before christmas...
    anyway, i figure that must mean i listen to aload of random shite. good or bad shite, well.
    and whats with the albums...thing? it reckons ive listened to Converge's You Fail Me 18 times? 18??
    and a load of other stupid stuff.
    but anyway.
    next biggy is 5000 i pretty sure Fugazi will be top then, and Sublime will climb too...altho im gonna splash out on a load of Mike Patton jizz i dont have, few Mr. Bungle albums, Melvins, Fantomas, Peeping still trying to complete my biffy collection tho.
    but im pretty sure i'll never be able to afford thekidswhopoptodaywillrocktomorrow ):
    booooo..OH i also want some Alec Empire stuff, and The Berzerker have caught my attention too.
    also alot of stuff on three one g, Some Girls, The Blood Brothers, and of course my lovely boys The Locust (:
  • Ambient Minimalism -- focus damnit!

    23 Jan 2006, 02:37 by pilgr1m

    With so many distractions, I often procrastinate until the very last minute. For example, it's 9:11PM on a Sunday and I've studied about 1/2 my chemistry chapter and i still need to do calculus, english AP questions, and study for a compsci test. But when it is absolutely necessary for me to focus, I usually turn to my Ambient Minimalism playlist.

    It provides just enough background noise to keep the wandering part of my brain satisfied allowing me to concentrate.

    Trilogy This piano track has strong repetitive chord progression that fades out to atmospheric ambience. A perfect starting track for a playlist that continues to get more mellow.

    Everloving Humming, soft guitars, and Moby? Used in the Requiem for a Dream trailer and one of those horse racing sequences in Seabiscuit, this is one of my all-time favorite mellow tracks.

    Artisan More of an electronic based song, this track provides a mellow groove for this awesome playlist.