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  • Avatar for jakobdorof
    high school classic
  • Avatar for arcade_water
    drifter anthem *-* ;________;
  • Avatar for Funky-Shit-
    such a beautiful song! love the ending. also de lyrics are realy beautiful
  • Avatar for emlcfe
  • Avatar for Flynner11
    Such a comforting track.
  • Avatar for otlotldmdldmdr
    Está mi canción favorita.
  • Avatar for alex-dean
    I love how this song fits with the movie In To The Wild
  • Avatar for jamesdark
    Why does it always feel like I'm caught in an undertow?
  • Avatar for joshsaussey
    Such a beautiful song. Isaac voice sounds really innocent and sweet in this. Really think the whistle is a nice touch here.
  • Avatar for FRSCW
    First discovered this band on an obscure British radio programme called "Mixing It" on Radio 3 in the late 90s. You can tell the era; lots of stuff from it recorded onto minidiscs!
  • Avatar for drowsybaker
    this rules
  • Avatar for akaViperChick
    LOVE = <3= ♥ = ♫
  • Avatar for SLJRabling
    <3 <3
  • Avatar for lejk_ap_nijo
    I was listening to this song when I left for college. Now I'm almost done. Memorable song.
  • Avatar for Cure1980
    easy listening comedy sound trax
  • Avatar for LadyRequiem
    This song and this album will always be loved by me! [2]
  • Avatar for zombiekaychica
    this song and this album will always be loved by me !
  • Avatar for Thonydef
    My Thoughts were so louuuudddd
  • Avatar for megwn
  • Avatar for Harry_01
    Wow, really beautiful song. Goosebumps.
  • Avatar for RIPJDilla
    perfect. I've always loved that fan made vid on youtube too ... it captures the feeling of the song
  • Avatar for tastethemagic
    "My thoughts were so loud I couldn't hear my mouth." Splendid.
  • Avatar for xXJokerBPXx
    "If the worlds at large why should I remain." What a great and deep line.
  • Avatar for Hai_Ai
    Simply perfect. <3
  • Avatar for Howlkate
  • Avatar for stelsm
  • Avatar for RunFromSafety
    Walk a little farther to another plan You said that you did, but you didn't understand... Oh, the violins in this song. Gorgeous.
  • Avatar for Thonydef
    baby float on baby would you understand?
  • Avatar for lefthandedmoth
    I always thought this or Ocean Breathes Salty would make a better hit than Float On.
  • Avatar for l0veisaverb
    I got to the porch and then I couldn't stop. yesyesyesxoxo
  • Avatar for foxxxy89pearls
    my thoughts were so loud i couldnt hear my thoughts were so laaa aaa oooouuuudddd!
  • Avatar for crazykarma138
    i was a homeless junkie for almost a decade. I had this friend Mandy she was my best friend and she was aprostitute to support her dope habbit. Anyway one night it was really cold and raining and she found me up on Broadway in Seattle and told me she hada hotel room and some dope so we went to the hotel and got high in the mornign we were watching music videos on MTV and that was the first time i heard this song. I absolutly loved it from first listen about 6 months later Mandy found out she had cancer and she died 6 months after that. Everytime i hear this song i think of her...RIP Mandy
  • Avatar for penceyreject
    why does it always feel like im caught in an undertow??
  • Avatar for meggnuttz
    best song... <3
  • Avatar for DjSaxy01
    my favorite modest mouse track
  • Avatar for CookieSkatalite
    My brother moved away and this song reminds me of him. Makes me cry every time I hear it.
  • Avatar for Riverstokes
  • Avatar for let_itdrown
    This will be the first song I play in my car the day I move away from home. I promise this
  • Avatar for brooklynindie
    so good, some of their best lines
  • Avatar for bamalamafizzvaj
    "Moths beat themselves to death against the lights, adding their breeze to the summer nights" - What a beautiful line.
  • Avatar for Storchel
    My thoughts were so loud, I couldn't hear my mouth...
  • Avatar for iDontlikepants
  • Avatar for Storchel
    I like it, very much!!
  • Avatar for Karupin
    This song makes me think so much. I'm currently moving and when I'm listening to it I feel really sad.
  • Avatar for Neurowaste
    Their music has changed over the year, but there is no denying Modest Mouse are master artists. Beautiful....
  • Avatar for elliottsmithh
    This is to MRshankly, like hell nobody listens to float on, one of the most popular songs. Listen to "night on the sun" and talk about underplay
  • Avatar for Acquiescence
    Disarmingly lovely.
  • Avatar for Saramichael
    this is a good song... and mrshankly_ I listen to float on! its my favorite:)
  • Avatar for Chala_Charlotte
    99, 9
  • Avatar for T0Rtur3
    One of my favorites by Modest Mouse


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