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Modest Mouse

Gravity Rides Everything (4:19)


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  • Download from youtube here: Ride.mp3 http://musicnoow.com/v/Nbwwn_NJBUI/ride-the-vines-lyrics
  • This song is everything.
  • seriously beautiful
  • When Isaac sings, I believe him. [4]
  • I want to go back to sleep...
  • this song makes me really sad/nostalgic for some reason..in a good way
  • The guitar work in this song is really epic here. Perfect song!
  • What's that riding on your everything... It isn't anything at all
  • This is is perfect right now.
  • if you don't like this song you're just not a human
  • best modest mouse tune
  • As good as it get's.
  • yes, perfect. [5]
  • whats that riding on your everything?
  • How beautiful!
  • its about Tetris [2]
  • classic Modest Mouse. all-time fave
  • know what's better? when we die some sink in some lake at least i don't see you float away. works too.
  • This song reminds me of Basil Marceaux's "Come Christmas" for some reason
  • good stuff
  • i love the guitar strum in this track!
  • 80° on the first day of spring, Perfect Song.
  • oh, oops
  • when we die some sink and some lay at least i don't don't see you float away
  • this song is almost too good
  • yes, perfect. [4]
  • yes, perfect. [3]
  • I think I just fell in love with this again
  • yes, perfect. [2]
  • yes, perfect.
  • Perfect song?
  • Mmm...
  • Yawn....
  • This has taken over as my favorite Modest Mouse song.. lyrics, melody, everything just fits into the perfect song.
  • Apparently I first scrobbled this in 2009. No recollection of that. Wish I'd paid more attention.
  • I'm happy.
  • It would take more than words to describe it's beauty.
  • So good
  • i would love to see them live, but i have a feeling they wouldn't play the songs i would want to hear...
  • This might be my favorite song ever. [2]
  • its about Tetris
  • Legitimate
  • this is fucking amazing.
  • This might be my favorite song ever.
  • lol
  • I'm normally not too big on Modest Mouse, but this I like.
  • I seriously love this song. In my top 3 MM songs.
  • One of the best songs ever written. [2]


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