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  • Avatar for luxa336
    well, this is their worst album I think, but I still enjoyed listening to some songs on there.
  • Avatar for TyreneB
    Time to rediscover this gem of an album. Loved it on first listen and still love it now!
  • Avatar for EJSrocket
  • Avatar for Connor2602
    A definite pop album but I'll be damned if Parting of the Sensory isn't one of the best MM songs ever written
  • Avatar for YumeBitchu
    It makes me mad that this album doesn't receive the love that it deserves. It's a great summery pop album with Issac's perfect lyricism.
  • Avatar for mordwyr
    Great album, of course!
  • Avatar for TheGreatAbyss
    better than the moon & Antarctica
  • Avatar for R-Mac
    this is their pop album
  • Avatar for CoffeeAfterDark
    Took a couple listens to appreciate, but now I really enjoy it.
  • Avatar for BM128
    Different, but still really good. Hate the cover though.
  • Avatar for ErnestVincent
    the only album worth listening actually [2] Actually you're completely wrong.
  • Avatar for LikeableIdiot
    It took me a while to realise it but this album is excellent.
  • Avatar for Vice3
    the only album worth listening actually
  • Avatar for Dosva
    @Hobbaloo - for me The Moon & Antarctica are extremely personal so it is hard for me to favor another album over it, but I could understand how this could be ones favorite especially since I feel like there isn't really any filler. Others may disagree.
  • Avatar for Hobbaloo
    Am I the only person that favours this over The Moon & Antarctica?
  • Avatar for naotas_forehead
    I really have only one complaint about this album. The frickin' drum machines! MM, you got back Jeremiah Green, the greatest rock drummer of all time, and you don't even use him?? I hope they strip down the production on the next album.
  • Avatar for LadyRequiem
    5 fucking years since their last LP... I love you Isaac but wake up, stop touring for a minute and hit record, please [2]
  • Avatar for Hellsbells1993
    This album is actually pretty damn good. Doesn't hold a candle to their earlier stuff but it's still good in its own right.
  • Avatar for bgutmeir
    not my fav but the mm album i prob listen to most
  • Avatar for tycols
    definitely not my favorite, but it is up there among their bests imo. parting of the sensory, education, and people as places as people are absolutely fantastic. bands evolve, hating them because they don't sound like their first few albums is silly, because this one really is great.
  • Avatar for dontsagemebro
    now that i think about it, this is pretty fantastic.
  • Avatar for gonzeaux
    5 fucking years since their last LP... I love you Isaac but wake up, stop touring for a minute and hit record, please
  • Avatar for Sonny_J_D
    I can understand why people don't like this album - it sounds little like early MM, but it is such a great pop album that I cannot hate it.
  • Avatar for conditionals
    I don't get why Jedidude77 hates on this album so much. It's pretty great.
  • Avatar for naotas_forehead
    You know, when I I think of this as a Modest Mouse album, I hate it. But if I think of it as a second Ugly Casanova album ft. Johnny Marr and James Mercer, I enjoy it quite a bit.
  • Avatar for CTCodemonkey
  • Avatar for Jedidude77
    i wonder if Callesson will ever realize there are people talking about him right now.
  • Avatar for Red_Baron45
    Alright, I seriously doubt that Calleson will come back to this shoutbox.....
  • Avatar for ckunke002
    Calleson, if you haven't already listened to the other albums, kick yourself. In the head
  • Avatar for Jedidude77
    easily one of their best
  • Avatar for diehappyx33
    Not a terrible album, but definitely their worst.
  • Avatar for Modestmilk
    I remember when being a Modest Mouse fan didn't make me want to not be a Modest Mouse fan. : \
  • Avatar for Jedidude77
    i have more plays of this album than the entire discography of most bands i listen to
  • Avatar for ninetastic
    I love this album. Period. Florida is probably the best track, imo. Fire it Up and Missed the Boat are the only ones I really don't care for.
  • Avatar for gamaboi
    such an underrated album.
  • Avatar for Pewizzle
    This album is underrated by long-time Modest Mouse fans. So many great gems on this one.
  • Avatar for nightswatch
    Callesson, you are in for a surprise. [infinity]. I mean I'm not a hater of this album, but ohhh emmmm geee the catalog is all know
  • Avatar for Lawman_05
    Florida, Spitting Venon and Fire It up <3
  • Avatar for Jedidude77
    see this dude's got it right
  • Avatar for street_10
    favourite modest mouse album, lot of good memories
  • Avatar for Jedidude77
    come one get past those two songs already, everybody likes those songs, they're easy to like. find what really good on the album and not what's easy.
  • Avatar for bloc47
    Callesson, you are in for a surprise. [5]
  • Avatar for Pewizzle
    Awesome album, but I'm afraid to imagine how it would've sounded without Johnny Marr.
  • Avatar for Simon_FM
    Callesson, you are in for a surprise. [4]
  • Avatar for searsi
    underrated, but definitely not the best Modest Mouse album. It's still a good album though.
  • Avatar for SilverSB
    Perfect from start to finish. There is so much subtlety both lyrically and instrumentally to dig for.
  • Avatar for Seth_Edward
    Callesson, you are in for a surprise. [3]
  • Avatar for EdgeLike
    Okay I take my first, unwarranted comment back. Forgive me other Modest Mouse fans, it was my first listen to the album. But now, after a 3rd go through, Im surprised to find myself actually enjoying a few of the songs. It has filler, yeah, but some songs stick out.
  • Avatar for DirtyWalls
    As someone who's favorite MM is The Moon & Antarctica, I can whole-heartedly say this album doesn't deserve the heat it gets. Not much on this album I dislike.
  • Avatar for infendo
    probably their worst release but still pretty solid


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