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  • Avatar for RIPELIVEJAM
    It may not float out in the cold interstellar void like parts of TM&A does but this album is still a helluva journey.
  • Avatar for RIPELIVEJAM
    Want to get entirely hammered listen to this and wallow
  • Avatar for l-swagg
  • Avatar for Dosva
    One of their best albums. It's almost like listening to an entirely different band when compared to their newest album.
  • Avatar for mybloodyprofile
    Trying so hard to like this....
  • Avatar for videotapesss___
    Absolutely grand!
  • Avatar for lfelipecosta
    it's just feels right when you listening to on a hot day [2] HELL YEAH hahaha I'm doing exactly that right now :D
  • Avatar for lfelipecosta
    Still amazing. Man, this album just never gets old.
  • Avatar for luxa336
    I love this album way too much. [2] it's just feels right when you listening to on a hot day
  • Avatar for Natural_Sleeper
    I love this album way too much.
  • Avatar for Vincent____Vega
  • Avatar for JohnnyMath
    can not be anything less than a saint (2)
  • Avatar for lebital
    @AntasTheGreat "Reprises of the same songs"? What the hell are you talking about? TLCW is a damn fine masterpiece. MM at their best.
  • Avatar for spaaceships
    this album doesn't speak to me, it screams instead
  • Avatar for OcellatedGod
    I am sure that the author of these lyrics can not be anything less than a saint.
  • Avatar for lucaslups
  • Avatar for naotas_forehead
    @Rhyme_in_Reason: please STFU about things and people of which you have no understanding
  • Avatar for Starless_313
    I just don't get tired of this. It's too damn good
  • Avatar for HK91
    vinyl reissue when
  • Avatar for jpzitoleopold
    Seriously, the drumming in this album is fucking flawless.
  • Avatar for boastfulhamster good to see this album being appreciated
  • Avatar for mordwyr
    Sparkles, shimmers, shines.
  • Avatar for mordwyr
  • Avatar for Rezzo64
    Absolutely amazing
  • Avatar for Death_rayman
  • Avatar for gmac1993
    Their best album.
  • Avatar for Harry_01
    v Oh no you didn't just say that. Well, if you meant this album kinda sucks you in then you're totally right. :D
  • Avatar for Stefanszz
    idk this album kinda just sucks long live We Were Dead!!!
  • Avatar for naotas_forehead
    "reprises of the same songs" and please tell me you know that Lounge from Long Drive and Lounge (Closing Time) are two completely different songs...
  • Avatar for naotas_forehead
    Antas, please tell me you are joking.
  • Avatar for Nicholaas
    Antas, who took your soul? ;_;
  • Avatar for AntasTheGreat
    why does everyone fucking like this goddamn piece of shit. it's basically a duplicate of their first album, except this time with higher acclaim critically and reprises of the same songs.
  • Avatar for Bataller
    This album is a masterpiece. I have family that lives in the Seattle Metro area (Everett) and the songs on this album capture that feeling of urban isolation absolutely perfectly; nothing but car dealerships, fast food restaurants and box stores for miles. I have no idea how they did it.
  • Avatar for RussAuto
    This album has some amazing drumming. Probably my favorite of theirs
  • Avatar for youthhhh
    Greatest album ever. Every song is perfect. There is no flaws to this masterpiece.
  • Avatar for Nakkinak
    the superior album [2] also fucking good production, inspirational, made me love calvin johnson
  • Avatar for maccrash
    yeah, the first few times I went through this I thought it was inferior to The Moon and Antarctica but this time, something's clicked with me. this is amazin'.
  • Avatar for Harry_01
    Great album.
  • Avatar for ErnestVincent
    the superior album [2]
  • Avatar for philipt42
  • Avatar for barbwireboy2
    Most of this album is starting to click with me know, and it is absolutely amazing.
  • Avatar for fuzzbunga
    I can't put this above Slanted and Enchanted, so it's a dead heat for best album ever.
  • Avatar for recursivechaos
    Monumental album by an astoundingly young band.
  • Avatar for Deathbysquares
    this album is god tier
  • Avatar for postfood
    the superior album
  • Avatar for Lucky_Lungz
    And jesus christ Gageaz must have been the most depressed 5th grader ever
  • Avatar for Lucky_Lungz
    I honestly don't think you'd be wrong to call this a post-hardcore album.
  • Avatar for electrobaboon
    Really great album from start to finish.
  • Avatar for nacht_vogel
    It doesn't get much better than this. [3]
  • Avatar for Gageaz
    So many memories of 5th grade when I listen to this. Also it's pretty much perfect


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