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  • That's great!
  • I think it was recorded and released before Lonesome Crowded West.
  • when was this EP recorded? before or after Lonesome Crowded West?
  • underrated as a motherfucker <- true dat [2]
  • A highly overlook EP. Very good.
  • wow WOW This is definitely a grower. LOVE this EP. "It's a long story"
  • underrated as a motherfucker <- true dat
  • stunning EP
  • As much as I really do love it I tend to forget about this album sometimes, just because it's so different from everything else they've done. Very dark indeed.
  • best EP in history.
  • The official tracklist of this album was misprinted, as evident by the titles of songs appearing in lyrics. Here's the band's intended tracklist: 1. sunspots 2. the waydown 3. fruit 4. dirty fingernails 5. sunspots in the house of the late scapegoat 6. the fruit that ate itself 7. way down 8. summer 9. karma's payment
  • again ate 3 then wanted 4.. had to end at 4
  • Possibly their darkest album.
  • why are people saying "I dunno why, but I like this album"? it's a great fucking EP! that's why you like it, I'm going to guess.
  • They don't make music like this anymore.
  • underrated as a motherfucker
  • gooooood album
  • This is what gave me a great deal of respect for Modest Mouse.
  • sure is the best Modest Mouse EP ever.
  • After years, I finally get this album, and it is so wonderful. Underrated.
  • *thumbs up* The Waydown l o v e it! <3
  • I don't know, is this underestimated?
  • ashhies couldent be more right.
  • whoever tagged this album need to discover the wonder of the numbers 4 and 9!
  • great vintage modest mouse
  • Sunspots in the House of the Late Scapegoat needs more love.
  • One of their best.
  • What clicktrackheart said. Those are two of my favorite MM songs.
  • The Waydown and Karma's Payment are great songs.
  • MODEST MOUSE album, that is
  • my favorite album. dunno why :]
  • sunspots!
  • i still don't understand this album. maybe i never will.
  • I am pretty sure they are also the japanese version of the fruit that ate istelf.
  • wtf, tracks 10-14 are from Sad Sappy Sucker, not The Fruit That Ate Itself.

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