• 2/5/2012

    5 Feb 2012, 21:45 by modernscar

    I have no idea of how to advertise or spread my music. But, hey, I still try to make stuff. But, all I can ask in return is this: If you like it, show a friend. Not a lot of people, just a friend. Modern
  • // le 31 janvier 2012 | what am I into? \\

    31 Jan 2012, 19:09 by star-samurai
    Fok julle naaiers, fok julle naaiers, fok julle, fok julle, fok julle naaiers~

    ☆ Same situation as November, except even more. Not even kidding. I recommended Knife Party to my friends and they're all addicted now. And I'm not really listening them that much. How odd is that? Their latest live set off of BBC Radio1 is pretty amazing, so I'm probably going to listen that more than the EP. Which is weird, but whatever.

    Also I finished finalizing my Best of 2011 list, so check that shit out.

    But anyways, let me give you my highlights of the month.

    Nicki Minaj | Why? "Stupid Hoe" is not her best song, by all means. But it is EXTREMELY catchy, the beat is very danceable, and it's the motherfucking Barbie. Surprisingly I've listened to it more than "Roman In Moscow. Needless to say, I can't wait for Roman Reloaded. Hit me hard with hip hop, Nicki! I'll love you either way though!