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  2. There are 2 bands by the name Pulled under:

    1) 90's influenced metal hardcore band from Dallas,TX currently unsigned

    2) UK based Hardcore punk…

  3. Afflictive Nature is a power violence/hardcore/rock band from San antonio, Texas

    Afflictive Nature's Members:



  5. Violent Situation is a straight edge Hardcore band from Southern California.


    Members of Twitching Tongues,…

  6. Intent is a Hardcore band featuring members of The Rival Mob, Free Spirit and ex Mob Mentality. Hailing from Boston, MA and Washington, DC.

  7. 1. A hardcore band from Santa Barbara that draws influence from Buried Alive, Turmoil, Crowbar, Burzum, Disembodied, Bloodlet, All Out War, and…

  8. El Monte Youth Authority


  9. Losin' It was a hardcore band from South Florida influenced by such bands as Stop & Think, Carry On, Right Brigade, and Outburst. After being…

  10. Dallas, TX hardcore band


  11. Malice at The Palace (MATP) is a Metal Hardcore band from Pensacola, Fl with Mother of Mercy vocalist, Bob Wilson and Cold Hearted members.


  12. 2 bands with this name:

    1) US hardcore band featuring members of Floorpunch and No Tolerance. Demo released in 2012. 2nd demo released in 2014.…

  13. There are at least three artists that have used this name
    1. A hardcore band from the United States
    2. An rac band from Germany
    3. A hardcore…

  14. http://thenewbrigade.blogspot.com

  15. New hardcore punk band featuring members of Wrong Answer and Modern Pain.
    Demo Cassette…

  16. Wrong Answer is a hardcore punk band from Philadelphia and the surrounding area. They hardcore punk that is somewhat reminiscent of “Systems…

  17. http://jesuspiecehc.bandcamp.com/album/s-t-ep

  18. Unified Right is a energetic and youthful Florida hardcore band. Inspired by classic-era hardcore in the vein of Agnostic Front, Warzone, and…


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