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Moder Jords Massiva has been around the music scene since the late nineties. It started as a live phenomenon where vocalists and instrumentalists improvised over programmed beats. Gaining in popularity and steadily inviting more people to join, the group for a while hosted over 30 members. At this point around 20 people are actively involved in the band. In 1999 they started their own label called flora & fauna and have up to date made 19 releases with their own and other peoples material.

How do you do it, being so many? -It's easy; we never rehearse. We make new songs individually and try them out with the rest of the band during shows.

Do you all live together? -No

What is Nollgatan Noll? -It is our goodbye to the music scene. 4 double albums with no musical direction what so ever.

Why did you start your own label? -We want to be able to control everything and do it exactly the way we want.

Why do you call yourselves Moder Jords Massiva? -Originally we were called Tip Tops B K, but we had to change it because a guitar shop and a gay-club threatened to sue us because we had the same name. The label was already called Flora & Fauna and we had a slogan "flora and fauna brought to you by moder jords massiva" sort of silly but we decided to use it anyway.

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