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25 Jun 2012 | from

Last week we released a new track called "The Last Time". Having quite the number of new tracks to work from we decided to lead out with something from the "stranger" side.

This song was recorded over two days and is the first track where we were able to use some of the sound design we came across from experimenting with synthesizers in the studio. Since we had the opportunity of working it out live and rehearsed it well the recording went smooth. This was the first time I performed a song in the studio with "keys" as the main track.

As we are partial to mixing analog, when we were finished recording we packed up our gear and headed over to FAT Recording to work on the mix through a console.  On night one the tape machine was out of sync and was giving us a warble. We ended up bouncing it down in Pro Tools and it sounded really great until I realized the next day that we I forgot to unmute the percussion...

Vincent and I. Working it.

Night two went even better and the tape machine magically started working just fine. This time I made the mistake of leaving this really questionable effect on my vocal and when we ran the second mix I never bypassed it. I was so focused on the percussion that I forgot about the rest of the song. Needless to say the lack of sleep and the stress to the get the track done was getting the best of me.

Finally on night three I was able to get a final mix completed and over the weekend we sent the song out for mastering.

Although it we caught some snags I had a really great time working on this one.

The song was mastered by Jay Franco of Sterling Sound in New York and the artwork on this release we teamed up with local Tatoo designer and owner of the Burnt Tiger, DJ Auld. We hope you enjoy!

" The Last Time" (<--- Free Download)

Thanks for Reading!

Stephen Francis

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