• [82] Moby Grape - Moby Grape (1967)

    26 Jan 2009, 23:06 by Llorenza

    Moby Grape - Moby Grape

    What happened to this band that it had too little commercial succes? The book explains: the record company brought out five singles at the same time (well, the guy who came up with that idea was either a bit too enthusiastic or either as dumb as a pig's arse), the band members were caught with hash AND minor girls and if that's not all: Stevenson showed his middle finger on the cover of the album, but the record company made it "disappear".

    I really doubt that last incident is a real reason this album didn't sell as well as it should have (with a cost of 11000 dollars, yay!) but bringing out five singles at the same time is indeed a nasty move of the record company.

    Of course I was a little curious what these five singles were. So I made a little game out of it. This is my selection of the five singles I would choose if I wanted to bring out five singles at the same time:
    1. Mr. Blues, for the people who like a bit more blues in their bluesrock,