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  • Avatar for NarooN
    This groovy band was totally out of sight, man!
  • Avatar for GodofDeathMetal
    A really groovy band from the sixties!
  • Avatar for perezhivem
    бодро,крута.кислота-психодел=жаль недооценены ппц.для конца 60х звучат оч психоделично.под их музяку тольк и закидываться.что думаю в то время и делали *_*.
  • Avatar for VictorVale
    The best San Francisco psychedelic rock!!!
  • Avatar for A-W-A-X
    Definitely one of the greatest bands ever, and at the same time one of the most unfortunate ones.
  • Avatar for MusicMagic77
    >> Where is the [url=]Great Grape[/url] (1974) album from the "Top Albums" list ???
  • Avatar for kluk_jako_buk
    Seriously underrated.
  • Avatar for Porculus
    the cover artwork of "Wow" album reminds me of the good old computer game from the 90s - Prehistorik 2. Such huge grapes fall from the sky there :)
  • Avatar for Porculus
    Chinese Song from the 5th "reunion" album, recorded even after Oar - an evidence of Skip being a total genius
  • Avatar for El_Salvador7
    Just discovered this. It sounds great!
  • Avatar for ladyinblack20
    Here's a facebook group dedicated to psychedelic music. Feel free to join
  • Avatar for Romencer17
    seriously one of the best. that triple guitar work is so tasty
  • Avatar for RussellChap
    Greatest band ever called Moby Grape...
  • Avatar for rezazereza
    greatest band ever? not really.
  • Avatar for DoctorFeelgoood
    greatest band ever
  • Avatar for egroh08
    If only they had produced more albums... the world is missing out on this band
  • Avatar for WarriorJones
    I don't understand why the ST doesn't make more greatest album of all-time lists.
  • Avatar for mtses
    Wow/ Grape Jam <3
  • Avatar for dextroustc
    my cock is three and half inches!!!!!!!!!! WIDE!!!!!
  • Avatar for Mateolero
    para el coloconazo!
  • Avatar for Jamesismynamo
    The self-titled is great!
  • Avatar for RussellChap
  • Avatar for Jurrecane
    @IanCat87 Great find! Wished i found that somewhere! Would love that poster to.. *jealous*
  • Avatar for Dead_Tony
    очень добротные ребята
  • Avatar for r_m
    Man, that is a find.
  • Avatar for IanCat87
    I managed to find a copy of the first album on vinyl last weekend. Also included the original poster. How much? $8. What a find.
  • Avatar for StinkyBeaverOoz
    Muchis puggamus
  • Avatar for Schwedenfan22
    mehr als genial.
  • Avatar for vocesabe
    gosto muito de lou reed
  • Avatar for willywonka091
    get the fuck down to moby grape's groovy sound! skip spence is a goddamned visionary.
  • Avatar for adrian313
    Such a solid band, very underrated.
  • Avatar for le_dzedaj
    I love this band. I dreamed that I was on some summer open air concert and there was Moby Grape playing "8:05" and I felt soooo good, my body start lifting. And than I woke up, fuckfuckfuck!
  • Avatar for mathcore16
    this band is depressingly underrated
  • Avatar for nooneastern
    join my [group]Moby Grape[/group] group !
  • Avatar for nooneastern
    Miller/Stevenson and Lewis and Mosley and Spence. any one of them should have and could have been huge. all of them together in one band is nothing short of a miracle. the fact that they are not household names is nothing short of tragic. each one of their albums are amazing !
  • Avatar for TheMcEneaney
    A band who put feeling great above everything else.
  • Avatar for vjd918
    Some of the best talent ever assembled in one band.
  • Avatar for mudrei
    fodas :D
  • Avatar for jamesusillxd
    I find myself unable to listen to a Moby Grape album, but when a track comes of shuffle, I dont skip. :)
  • Avatar for r_m
    turtleslover; I agree! I'm glad to have all the albums from the debut to "20 Granite Creek" on vinyl
  • Avatar for turtleslover
    WOW/Grape Jam is AWESOME but it's only really worth listening to it on Vinyl... the CD releases do it NO justice!!!
  • Avatar for psychelatte
    Just starting to like them, wow! Also please check out the wonderful Tripsichord, horridly labelled as 'Fake Grape', they did some wonderful tunes and harmonies too. I looove 'Family Song.' Mental groove! Dig these vibes!
  • Avatar for bejaym
    These guys should have like 10 times more plays than they have now
  • Avatar for invisiblerain
    my days of psychedelic adventure begun with a band like moby grape even in the late nineties... tunes like 8.05, he, come in the morning, its a beutifull day today. etc there was just something about this band that was unusual, emotional and effecting. That kind of unique record making that is lost in the digital trash that is churned out these days. Back then people knew how to fit more soul and feeling onto a reel to reel tape recorder than half the prannies that use 64-bit 64 track consoles.
  • Avatar for fredricktoo
    what's huge, swims in the ocean and is purple?
  • Avatar for miltonwhatever
    The new live album is really good... worth checking out.
  • Avatar for Magnificent_M
    Great new live release (1966-1969) out now on Sundazed! Must have for lovers of 60s Bay Area Rock!
  • Avatar for Roncsipar
    haha what a fun band
  • Avatar for ExplodedTicket
    My cousin has the first album on original vinyl. Lucky bastard.
  • Avatar for egroh08
    These guys deserve way more listens than they currently have.


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