• Miusha's DJ-mix

    6 Sep 2008, 11:32 by MIUSHA

    Continuing the concert activity with the live-project, Miusha starts playing as a DJ by opening her dj concert story with a set perfomed at the Airobica Night party on Z16.

    "First of all I am a vocalist in the live project, though I consider myself as a composer and a musician primarily. Playing as the DJ, I realize the musical essence to the full - in the set I don't only sing, but I also play, and I play the keyboard besides the dj turntables.

    I am attracted to increasing dance movement, it is reflected in a new album above which we have started to work.
    At the same time, this tendency does not exclude beauty and emotsionalnost music which I play and I write - it is the most important for me, therefore my dj-set (which is built from darkness to light) is a music that touches up to depth of soul, forcing to fade with depths of a gloom, and to soar to heights of the highest pleasure during the next instant".
  • Zazaпел мой Sax !!!

    19 Mar 2008, 01:17 by filinjazz

    ZAzaпел мой saxophone ,спасибо Miusha ! )MiushaZaza