• Kinay interviews Bobby Valentino

    28 Jun 2007, 15:19 by Kinay

    Shoutout to my man Bobby Valentino.. You doin' it man! Real good new album! DTP in tha buildin! The interview was published on, Germanys biggest online magazine fo' sho! All my german people you can read it in german right here. For everyone else, check out the original one...

    Kinay: Your album is called "Special Occasion". Why this name?

    Bobby Valentino: Because it's my second album and I've been in the position before, when I was in a group called Mista, to not be able to drop a second album, so that's my special occasion. Second I got a song for every occasion, whether you go to the club, whether you kicking it with that special somebody or whether you're by yourself just chilling: Listening to some Bobby V is a special occasion. So all of those reasons, this album is a Special Occasion.

    Kinay: You had heavy success all over the world with your latest album and the 2 singles "Slow Down2 and "Tell Me". How did you start working for your new album? You felt any pressure?