• My Top Ten's Top 3 Songs

    5 Nov 2006, 22:21 by haylz320

    I yoinked the idea from someone else (thanks!...i didn't check who it was, sorry...)

    I know "Busted" aren't in my top 10, but i'll do them as well, because i love them...

    3) Falling For You(even though the lyrics are a bit cheesy, and at times, too much gotta love it coz its so catchy!)

    2) Loner In Love(because right now, i can definately relate to that...well, most of i still have my front teeth :P)

    1) What I Go to School For(the first one i heard of there’s, and my definate fave...i changed the words to suit my crush...he thought it was funny as, which was good...and its just a completely AWESOME song!)

    now, for the real top 10...

    10 - The Anti-Q's

    These dudes aren't very big yet, but we're myspace mates, and they're awesome. they've only released an EP, so there are only four songs to choose from...

    3) Don't you want to be cool
    2) All for you(the first i heard by them, on ben lee's second podcast, and fell in love with it)