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  • Avatar for spacemangraig
    europe. when?
  • Avatar for Mace993
    their cover of moby's 'that's when i reach for my revolver' is awful. [3]
  • Avatar for heads_bullet
    omg.... ppl thinking they covered Moby LOOOOOOOOL go back to the filthy hole u came out of bitches and shut up xD
  • Avatar for baddrummo
    I started with "The Obliterati" and I still think it's superior to "Vs." - both are great, but these guys got better with age.
  • Avatar for HumHumXX
    Seriously, "Signals" in its original form can't hold a candle to "Vs."
  • Avatar for Buttemaster
    Someone find me lyrics to "Peking Spring"
  • Avatar for Buttemaster
    Signals, Calls and Marches (the CD version with Max Ernst and Academy Fight Song) is in AT LEAST the top 10 rock albums ever made so get that. Every single song on it is one of the best songs ever written.
  • Avatar for doctorincredibl
    Signals, Calls and Marches
  • Avatar for glitchface
    Vs. [5]
  • Avatar for RussellChap
    Vs. [3]
  • Avatar for roope
  • Avatar for unixnation
    Any recommendations of which album I should buy first? :)
  • Avatar for Rainbow_Fantasy
    COVER of Moby? I'm reaching for my revolver right now!
  • Avatar for Modestmilk
    their cover of moby's 'that's when i reach for my revolver' is awful. [2]
  • Avatar for spacemangraig
    this band should play more, in europe that is.
  • Avatar for allactionhero
    i can now tell why there was a riot at the negative fx show!
  • Avatar for tomrud73
    this band isn't appreicated enough imo. most listeners are unaware i'm afraid, eventhough most '90s indie rock arguably wouldn't have turned out the way it did without these guys
  • Avatar for herrh1977
    still don't get how i managed to not get across them until two years ago. GREAT band. one of the best things that happened to me on
  • Avatar for yorammorad
    I actually found out about them after listening to Birdsongs of the Mesozoic. Though BotM is a completely different monster, this stuff is freaking awesome as well.
  • Avatar for mutantoverlords
    Fame and fortune is a fucking masterpiece.
  • Avatar for lilacmerveille
  • Avatar for Kalishivas
    That's when I reach for my revolver !
  • Avatar for wibahcinski
    Good thing these guys aren't keeping up with the times, Mission of Myanmar just doesn't have the same feel.
  • Avatar for Damn7Boy7
    Learn more about modern russian underground scene!
  • Avatar for Neiges
    This band doesn't get enough credit
  • Avatar for micahnewman
    They sound like such average joes (in their singing), and they kick ass with passion. Nice combination.
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  • Avatar for ThisManExists
  • Avatar for Fibrosarcoma
    Kinda ripped off by Pearl Jam.
  • Avatar for Congregation
    The version of Peking Spring on The Horrible Truth About Burma seriously kicks ass.... Do they still play it live (as Beijing Spring maybe? :D)?
  • Avatar for RonanPoint
    Peking Spring.
  • Avatar for nickwafer
    Fans of the Los Angeles punk band X, please join my group!
  • Avatar for nickwafer
    I reckon Sonic Youth took some cues from these guys.
  • Avatar for iamclumsy
  • Avatar for mattmacneil
  • Avatar for Kallen_Rock
    Vs. is really a great album
  • Avatar for epulcini
    Are you a fan of The Replacements?! Did you know COLOR ME OBSESSED is a documentary on the band? Come check them out! You can use this link to pre-order the DVD and check out the exclusive new rewards! Or visit us on facebook:!/ColorMeObsessedMOVIE?ref=ts
  • Avatar for curtisrun
    What a great band, the vocalist sounds a bit like Strummer
  • Avatar for Queestero
    They came so close to where I live and I missed them. Damn me.
  • Avatar for themagicalx1
    @ MrMistletoe oh my god, yessss
  • Avatar for MrMistletoe
    hey! we recorded a Shellac + Mission Of Burma gig in Portugal this week. download it here:
  • Avatar for hi-im-austin
    Academy Fight Song! [2]
  • Avatar for timbo86
  • Avatar for Neiges
    Best band to ever walk the face of the earth.
  • Avatar for hiimarlon
    i never thought i'd like this band this much, glad i checked them out.
  • Avatar for mattmacneil
    1 2 3 partyy is actually decent. Kinda sounds like the buzzcocks.
  • Avatar for morticiagurl
    Academy Fight Song!
  • Avatar for DrOctagon3000
    the top songs are my faves, but "Playland" is way down on the list ....c'mon now!
  • Avatar for th1s1sm1n3
    The show at the First Unitarian in Philly was amazing, even if they stopped "That's When I Reach For My Revolver" right at the first chorus.
  • Avatar for mattmacneil
    wish they'd come to Torontoooooooo.


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