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    11 Nov 2010, 00:25 by x-broken-doll-x

    Just like everyone else i decided to post mine as well ♪(*^ ・^)ノ⌒☆
    It’s not like mine is any special or anything but ok..

    I bought my first j-rock cd on the 7th of january 2010 (^_^;)..
    Dim by the GazettE ,, 

    ☆ = On the way

    CD List
    2NE1 - 2NE1 First mini album
    2NE1 - To Anyone, first album (1st Press)
    2NE1 - 2NE1 Second mini album (1st Press)
    2NE1 - GO AWAY (LE Type A)
    2NE1 - Collection (2DVD Type)
    2NE1 - Live Concert Album - Nolza
    2NE1 - 1st Live Concert - NOLZA! (2DVD + Photobook) (Korea Version)

    Alice Nine - Namae wa, Mada Nai (1st Press)
    Alice Nine - Alice in Wonderland (LE)
    Alice Nine - Kowloon -Nine Heads Rodeo Show- (LE)
    Alice Nine - Fantasy (LE)
    Alice Nine - Alpha (LE)
    Alice Nine - Vandalize (LE)
    Alice Nine - Complete Collection 2006-2009

    ALI PROJECT - Keikan Shijin Single Collection (LE)
    ALI PROJECT - La Vita Romantica (LE)
    ALI PROJECT - Ranse Eroica

    アンド - -&- (LE)

    Antique Cafe - Gokutama Rock Cafe