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If you happen to find the definition of "mirror image", you will completely understand the dynamic friendship between JeVon Lewis (Smoove) & Jequane Roberts (Quann). A mirror image is one that is identical in form to another, but with its structure reversed. Don't get it by now? MirImage is more than just a R&B duo; it's a brothership. Smoove & Quann find themselves to be the same; Twins if you will, but with different qualities. Smoove, with his silky-smooth vocals represents the sexy, eclectic and often rebellious side of MirImage; While Quann is your favorite down to earth, cool boy next door, with the flirtatious, acrobatic voice. Together they create the ultimate R&B yin yang MirImage.

Hailing from a small city outside of Detroit, MI, they have been quietly amassing a dedicated following for their throwback R&B music. From writing, recording and producing their own music., to photography and designing their own website, shooting and editing their own videos; these two are the proverbial Jacks of all trades. Out of necessity they have made themselves masters of their own destiny, and the results are major. MIRIMAGE is a well oiled machine who turn out material at a dizzying rate with a mass production work ethic, no doubt derived from the landscape found in folk from the blue collar Detroit area.

MirImage was formed in 2007 while JeVon & Jequane met in high school. Realizing they both shared a dream, they built their friendship through their love of music and continue to do whatever they can to make them come true. They sold candy to raise money for their home studio and to fund their first album in 2008. Ever since then, they have been turning out amazing songs. They excel at sexy, heartfelt, lyric-driven, emotional music that appeal to most women. And their up-tempo tunes are tailor made for not only the club, but rival anything coming out of a major label. Some of their most popular hits, such as "11:11" and "Alone" are just a taste of what these young men can do. In fact they were so inspired by their love of the Transformers movies, that they wrote, produced and recorded a song called “Light in The Dark”. The effort was so well received and convincing, that most thought it was on the actual movie soundtrack and that the group had been signed.

They have been quoted saying they are heavily inspired by 90's R&B, Michael Jackson, and the New Jack Swing movement. One can hear the blood of their inspirations, pulsing in the body of their music. As musicians they have been compared to many greats and contemporaries of our time such as Jodeci, Dru Hill, Boyz II Men, Ginuwine, & Usher; as well as being a triple threat combination of singers/songwriters and producers in such as NeYo, Miguel, & Babyface. They have not only the sensibilities that appeal to ladies hearts but can communicate to them in an earnest, romantic and even sensual and very sexual nature.

The year is 2013 now, and MirImage are here and ready to blow. With a huge year ahead of them, the R&B landscape is about to change and they are spearheading the movement. They are a clear reflection of the past, present and future meeting beautifully right on time.

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