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Minus the Bear

Absinthe Party at the Fly Honey Warehouse (5:05)


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  • Just came back from my senior year trip to Andorra with my friends and this song reminds me of all the fun I had with them during this week! Thanks, Minus the Bear.
  • Really enjoying this! ♥
  • 'Absinthe Party at the Fly Honey Warehouse' is part of the unofficial soundtrack to a children's story about divorced tribal mask wearing office workers http://manateeriverbank.wordpress.com/2012/04/23/wine-country-the-slums-of-hawaii/
  • Let's get a booottleeeeeeeee!
  • Love at first listen. ♥
  • best song evah
  • Let's get a bottle and drink alone tonight..
  • Reminds me of Xmas '02, when my Sis bought the album for me. Brightened up the winter, that's for sure!
  • best song ever created
  • This song was my introduction to Minus the Bear and it's still my favorite.
  • this will always be the best minus the bear track
  • sitting on a park bench older than my country...
  • @linkyaco ya man, you said it
  • ~swoon~
  • Always listen to this song when I travel
  • I love this song <3
  • Saw them at my college and this was the last song of the encore. Awesome show, and awesome song.
  • I'm sitting on a park bench that's older than my country.....
  • A+++++
  • red wine with every meal, and absinthe after dinner!
  • Lets get a bottle and drink alone tonight...
  • red wine with every meal and absinthe after dinner. Awesome song. Favorite MTB song.
  • best song. ever.
  • the ultimate song of boozing and perusing europe. i strive for this.
  • Minus the Bear - u guys r very welcomed in good ol' Germany! :)
  • I'm lovin' it!!!!!!!!!!
  • nice guitar work--great fingering--I hate vocals tho and wish this were entirely instrumental. I just don't like vocals...of any sort. Except for early '60s psychedelia. I'll make an exception for that stuff. Early Pretty Things (SF Sorrow), Beatles, After Bathing at Baxters..early Pink Fairies, all that early psychedelia, you dig...
  • yup
  • LOVE THIS!!!!!
  • first song i ever heard from these guys and i haven't stopped listening since.
  • i gotta hard on for hammer ons
  • i love this band. i pretty much agree with everything everyone's said below me - hammer ons are ftw, great band, summer tune. (:
  • Absinthe is truely the breakfast of champions..and so are these guys..fine performance
  • Hooray for hammer-ons.
  • (Y)
  • amazing, man
  • great
  • proud to be a top listener! this song is incredible..the ULTIMATE summer tune, driving along with your mate blaring this out the car stereo
  • "Sitting on a park bench that's older than my country" My favorite part...
  • ahhhhhhhh, summer choon!!!!!!!!!! JJx
  • simply amazing song
  • let's get a bottle and drink alone tonight...
  • I have no idea how to describe the feeling this gives me
  • The drumming is insanely sexy.
  • Love Love.
  • classic
  • Saw this live last weekend, awesome show!


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