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    24 Jan 2006, 08:35 by joosen

    Couple of new purchases last week:

    Nhu Golden Era. 60s and 70s influenced soulful nujazz with some Latin influences. A bit uneven, but still a very good album. Tasteful and quite subtle use of samples and loops that deliver smooth 70’s kind of sound. I bought this from iTMS, but this kind of stuff really should be listened from vinyl... :) Highly recommendable. The biggest fault in the album is that the last track contains ‘hidden track’. I’ve always hated them, since they effectively ruin the possibility to enjoy the album as an album. I usually split these into multiple tracks as part of my ripping process, but this time there is no way of doing it without sacrificing the quality since the content is in AAC format. (If someone reading this is aware of any tools that would be able to split the track into two songs without lowering the audio quality please let me know.) Note to artists: please stop putting these childish ‘hidden’ tracks into your albums! Favorite tracks at this point: Moogjuus