• 2010: My Year In Lists

    28 Dec 2010, 14:16 by Olly_Golightly

  • Am I normal?

    9 Jan 2007, 15:28 by gina_t

    I am this )( close to giving up going to indie gigs.
    I went to the Sodastream gig last night at the head of steam in Newcastle and, whilst they were wonderful, I barely got to see them being wonderful for half an hour. Half. An. Hour. They didn't come on til gone 10.25. I think that's RUBBISH. The only time a band's been so late on was when Teenage Fanclub didn't bother coming on-stage til the end of the Champions' League Final that Liverpool won. That was just rude.

    In this case it probably wasn't the fault of sodastream. There were two support acts, which is unnecessary IMHO, and they didn't come on til about 8.45. The first act were quite funny; the second all right: bearable mainly because it was the ex-boss of Slampt who put out Kenickie's first 7". But I didn't pay the travel costs and entrance fee to see 40 minutes of each of them and then have to miss the bus home to see 40 minutes of the main act who, being Australian, hardly ever play anywhere near me. …
  • shambolic is the new together

    20 Oct 2006, 11:55 by gina_t

    Humph. We went to see the Minotaurs in Newcastle last night and they didn't show up. There wasn't even a sign up warning us: the first act was the one to break the news. It was an Oxjam event so we couldn't even contemplate asking for a refund. We'd've looked like Ricky Gervais's even ruder children.

    We were slightly mollified by the appearance of Johnny X, formerly of Kenickie, aka Peter Gofton, on marimba for some other band (possibly Peter from Field Music's side project, but he didn't make that clear) (Does anyone else always say Field Mice when they say field music? They should've thought that through.) Oh, and we were also cheered up by an extra train gner had laid on for the toon army which got us home 15 minutes early.

    Hopefully The Divine Comedy gig next week will go more smoothly...
  • running for buses

    25 Feb 2006, 12:52 by gina_t

    Note to self: am up to Crawling with Idiot in the alpha-podding.

    Went to a Darren Hayman gig at the red rooms in Newcastle last week (quite a good little venue) in the hope that he'd play some Hefner songs. He did (hurrah) so if you're in the same position as me of liking their stuff but not knowing his, I'd recommend going to his solo gigs anyway. Would have been better if he'd arrived at the venue before 10.20 (the late start resulted in a late finish which resulted in me running for the last bus - which I wouldn't've minded if we'd caught it) but it was a good night. For the record he played:
    Pull Yourself Together
    Hello Kitten
    The Hymn For The Alcohol
    Twisting Mary's Arm
    Good Fruit
    Porn shoes
    and maybe
    Leave Your Shoes On

    But -sorry Darren!- what I really remember from the evening is the band that were on third: they were a group of what-looked-like-17 year olds called Minotaurs and they reminded me of a cross between Camera Obscura and Interpol. I'm looking forward to their website http://www.