• Ministry wsg Meshuggah

    8 May 2008, 21:20 by ThadEnouf

    Wed 7 May – Ministry, Meshuggah, Hemlock

    The opening band, Hemlock, lacked originality. Some of the material sounded dated five years ago. Sympathy points to the lead singer/bassist, who really tried to ignite the crowd. But the music should speak for itself. The singer should not have to beg for a pit; the music opens the pit.

    Meshuggah was every bit as good as I hoped they would be. They played Bleed perfectly and it rocked. The whole set rocked, to be honest. And the crowd loved it, as well.

    Ministry didn't bring too many surprises, except for guest vox from the singer from Fear Factory(?) during the last quarter of the set.

    Here's where the bitching starts. For the first three or four songs, they kept flashing these bright white pot lamps or whatever they are called, blinding me to the point where I had to look anywhere but the stage. Not a good thing, if you're trying to play a good show. Otherwise, it was good; lots of old veterans rocking out, both on stage and in the aisles.