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  • Avatar for RevivedIcarus
    Their new album is so damn nice!
  • Avatar for altmind
    Over the fence is awesome
  • Avatar for Zabapas
    Listen DIGITALLY IMPORTED FM FUTURE SYNTHPOP ! Visit my own and personal TAG: ! [tag]di fm future synthpop[/tag]
  • Avatar for inflikkt
    what in the fuck is this crap from the last week? 100 plays of random shit ive never heard of. wth. someone new is calling themselves mindless faith? do not get.
  • Avatar for Artfed
    Medication for the Misinformed мне конечно больше нравиться, но все же Just Defy не менее бомбовый.
  • Avatar for BrennendeHerz
    Недавно познакомился с их музыкой. Just Defy лучший альбом. Чем-то напомнили Die Krupps, но звучат современнее и круче.
  • Avatar for zholthran
    I have been slightly disappointed with "Just Defy" at first but the album really grows on you. It's a powerful, all-out and highly recommendable opus.
  • Avatar for jasonrawles
    Just Defy is fucking badass!
  • Avatar for storm2k8
  • Avatar for devildriver891
    last album is fucking awesome!!
  • Avatar for Zayecc
    Последний альбом - как индустриальная услада для моих ушей)..
  • Avatar for tripodthunder
    My intro into this band was Over The Fence on a compilation, so far I have not found a song I like better than that... may be a one off for me.
  • Avatar for Grogdal
    Mutually assured DESTRUCTION is one hell of a song. Great new album! 3
  • Avatar for Jureiko
    Just Defy is solid. It's no masterpiece but there is not any flaws I could point my finger on. It happens to be the first 2012 record I checked and I'm glad it turns out to be decent.
  • Avatar for Etsu_Silence
    Great new album!
  • Avatar for inflikkt
    new album rapes. great start to 2012
  • Avatar for hajlihajlo
    The new album will be released in January. Can't wait!
  • Avatar for Volodimirr
  • Avatar for skinnydrifter
    They do killer remixes
  • Avatar for inflikkt
    new album would be amazing. any word or news?
  • Avatar for Virus_672
    can't wait for the new album...
  • Avatar for HeroinMilkshake
    Cerebral Logic
  • Avatar for BunkerT-CAIN
    So you didnt ever fkd with industrial samplers? Burn folk music ppl!
  • Avatar for ferricoxide
    One would think that, as much EBM as I listen to and as frequently as I've seen them in concert (hi, Rick!), Last.FM would have put them in my recommendations list, sooner!
  • Avatar for 20ss
    quality ebm
  • Avatar for MissWhiteMoth
    definitely love the band, which is unique! Bound, Dust of Centuries and Down Here are my fav. much luv!
  • Avatar for Zyztematik
    I can't agree more with what versionfiv said.
  • Avatar for Shirow_XL
    "Into The Wind" is absolutely amazing. I missed you, Mindless Faith.
  • Avatar for versionfiv
    for fucks sake... they can make danceable ebm and still have a unique edge. the dozens of faceless, bland european ebm projects should take note.
  • Avatar for labaC
    I love this band. All four albums are great!
  • Avatar for torsioneffect
    Exeris aka Chris is a great guy. We met him while we lived in NYC. Their ambient side project "Grains of Sound" is also highly recommended.
  • Avatar for lokiz_
    tosco :S
  • Avatar for inflikkt
    really loving medication for the misinformed
  • Avatar for inflikkt
    good texture
  • Avatar for Alakzar
    My favourite group. Just perfect. Hardly searching for Silence album. I am Mindless Fan of them) Шикарная музыка, обажаю просто!!
  • Avatar for BlooD_NosferatU
  • Avatar for humaniac
    fuckin awesome!
  • Avatar for _NEEDLES_
    Awesome band! can't get enough of them!
  • Avatar for Gothenburgstyle
    I would like to have their babys
  • Avatar for StrawburryMiwk
    Absolutely one of the best and most unique sounds out there. I'm surprised their stuff doesn't appear on more movie soundtracks...
  • Avatar for DDD_ROE
    brilliant band ..great music ..
  • Avatar for tenaxnidor
    Wow. I can't get enough of this. Gotta add them to my workout mix
  • Avatar for ringom
    Awesome music. One of the most underrated bands in electro/industrial scene. I hope they will get what they deserve soon...
  • Avatar for TheBlackRaven87
    oh rock is never bad so don't worry. ^^
  • Avatar for Shirow_XL
    Oh good for you! Maybe someday you will discover "Manifest Destiny" ) It has more rockish feel, but still a brilliant album.
  • Avatar for TheBlackRaven87
    after i listened to their newest album MftM i gave "Momentum" a try. and it sounds also awesome. excellent intelligent Electro-Industrial.
  • Avatar for Shirow_XL
    Uploaded some new pics (the current one is extremely obsolete).
  • Avatar for Alpha_Mechanik
    Independence Day
  • Avatar for Zaph_q_p
    More people need to listen to this band.
  • Avatar for zholthran
    Ah, what a seldom discovery. Mindless Faith are one of the most creative and skilled bands that crossed my way for a long time. A vast variety of styles artfully combined with stirring industrial constructs and fine ambient sounds... boy, these guys definitely deserve some more listeners.


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