• "Metallica's" Valley of Misery, or the dangers of believing everything you see

    14 Dec 2005, 17:07 by Sarppi

    Valley of Misery's that new, cool Metallica song that was supposed to appear on their new album, right?
    Valley of Misery is a song by Holochaust, recorded in 1997 and circulated around the net with the (false) message that it was a Metallica song. Well, the popularity trick sure worked for them; Tommy Dee (the main man of Holochaust, then Darcane and now Mind-A-Stray) got - and still gets - feedback from all over the world and it's his ever most popular song by far.

    My message? Please, please people - name your track correctly. There's no Valley of Misery by Metallica. It's a Holochaust song. Give the credit where it's due.

    Info/Links: (I.e. "If you don't believe me..")
    Holochaust guestbook, discussion on VoM

    Tommy Dee at
    On summer 1998 the song Valley of Misery had really started spreading around the globe like a wildfire. It was first claimed by someone to be Metallica's new demo…