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  1. Namatjira is a screamo band from Tula, Russia.

    The band was formed in the beginning of 2008 and all the members are engaged in different…


  3. Screamo band from Saint Petersburg, Russia.
    Formed in 2012.

    Ruslan — guitar, vocal
    Artem — bass, vocal (The Homeless Is Dead, Minaret,…

  4. Marschak (or Маршак in Russian) … the best mix of screamo (Marschak) / post-hardcore (Relict)
    Band formed in Moscow, Russia in 2001.


  5. Female fronted Screamo band formed in Russia.

  6. Kusto are a 4-piece screamo outfit from Minsk, Belarus.

    The EP "что бывало" can be downloaded for free from…

  7. There are more than one projects named Pale Hands.

    1) Screamo band from St. Petersburg, Russia formed in 2012
    VK |BC | FB

    Пока я в силах…

  8. Five-piece screamo band from Arkhangelsk and Novodvinsk (North of Russia). They started something like in the end of February 2009. Their first…

  9. A Screamo band, Channeling negative energy.

    Shaun Hancock

    ST demo (2014)
    Death From Above (2014)
    Split Songs (2015)

  10. Date Rape is a screamo \ punk-band from Kiev, Ukraine, formed in 2010.

    Alexander Dex - vocals
    Oleg - guitar
    Sergey - guitar
    Roma - bass…

  11. Screamo/post-something band from Moscow

  12. Facebook | VK | Bandcamp

    Toluca is a screamo/post-black band from Moscow, Russia.

    EP «Act I» - 12/10/12
    LP «Memoria» - 12/03/14

    Dima -…

  13. My son, my home and my tree was an experimental screamo band from Moscow, Russia. They formed in 2007 and released 2 demos and the self-titled…

  14. Belarusian young screamo band from Minsk, founded in 2008.

    Jan - drums
    Alex - guitar
    Victor - guitar
    Stas - bass, vocals
    Andrew - vocals


  15. Aspergers was an emoviolence from Saint Petersburg, Russia. They are usually called the Russian Jeromes Dream.…

  16. 1849 is a three-piece screamo band from Saint Petersburg, Russia. (2011 - 2013).


    Rodion - Vocals;
    Igor - Bass;
    Emil - Drums.


  17. We don't have a wiki here yet...
  18. Eyrie were an emoviolence band from Moscow, Russia, formed in 2012. The band broke up in 2013.

    Demo (2012)

  19. Saint Petersburg, Russia


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