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There are at least 2 artists that go by this name.

1. minami is a rock/metal guitarist and arranger from Japan who participates primarily in the doujinshi music circle IOSYS since 2009. He has produced five Touhou Project and one VOCALOID arrange albums while also making appearances on various other game/anime arrange albums as a guest arranger/performer.

2009.12.12 東方JeuXinTerdiTs (Touhou JeuXinTerdiTs)
2010.07.11 東方Faithful Star (Touhou Faithful Star)
2010.09.25 きみが見つめる空の先に (Kimi ga Mitsumeru Sora no Saki ni)
2011.05.03 東方Variable Spellcaster (Touhou Variable Spellcaster)
2011.09.11 東方Reflection of a Drive (Touhou Reflection of a Drive)
2012.04.15 東方Double Maximization (Touhou Double Maximization)


2. MINAMI was a solo pop artist from Japan active from 1998 to 2000 who recorded six singles and two albums.

1998.12.XX MINAMI feat:KREVA (Analog 12" Single)
1999.01.21 素直になれる (Sunao ni Nareru) (Single)
1999.06.23 ダンス・パニック!プレゼンツ・パイロン・パイプラインミックス (DANCE PANIC! PRESENTS PYLON PIPELINE MIX) (Omnibus Album)
1999.06.23 Dear-est... (Single)
1999.08.04 Share of Love (Album)
1999.12.01 千の雪 -mille neige- (Sen no Yuki -mille neige-) (Single)
2000.07.26 One Voice (Single)
2000.09.06 ETERNAL (Album)
2000.10.04 ダキシメテイテ (DAKISHIMETE ITE) (Single)
2004.03.24 Beautiful Songs (Omnibus Album)


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