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Mimesis are two distinctly different bands

1) is a new recording project featuring the poetic words and voice of one of Australia's most prominent singer/song writers, Steve Kilbey (The Church) and the stunning complex ambient music of Melbourne based producer Simon Polinski (Hesius Dome/Ornament) along with Colin Berwick (Big Country), David Abiuso (Victorian State Orchestra) and guest musicians, Geoffrey Hales (Rip Van Hippy), Ollie Olsen & John Kilbey.

mimesis : what is mimesis ?
Plato, unlike his compatriot Aristotle, didn't much go for Mimesis, the notion that all art is imitation. Poets, painters and the like, he argued, were 'two steps removed from ultimate truth', undermining human stability at best, downright depressing people at worst.

Were he around today, though, Plato would most likely love the latest addition to Psy Harmonics catalogue, however irksome its title.

For starters Mimesis doesn't reference life as we know it, exploring instead a wondrous, mysterious afterlife imagined by The Church front-man Steve Kilbey, set to (in Kilbey's words) a 'lush, evocative, pulsing, living, electronic, organic, dreamlike' bed of ambience courtesy of production wiz Simon Polinski, double bassist David Abiuso, pianist Colin Berwick and the wild experimentation they shared for 18 months.

On so many levels, Mimesis is without precedent. It's a 79-minute art house flick without pictures, a complex jigsaw piece you'll never, ever finish, and the greatest dream you've never had. It's Gustav Holst's The Planets, Mozart, John Taverner and countless other composers cut, morphed, squeezed and pureed until tiny snippets of their work took on whole new dimensions. It is, depending on your mood, a trip record, a heavenly bliss-out, or a disturbing plug into the subconscious's subconscious.
Connection, disconnection, love, loss, life, afterlife, all get a going over in a work that 'like mercury' it's impossible to fully grasp, but fun trying.

Not bad for a story loosely focused around two deceased strangers, sitting around in a caravan, with strange yarns to tell.

Mimesis is also a band which sings melodic female fronted metal. OLIK does vocals, VAŠEK on guitars, JOSEF on drums. Debut Album titled BY HEART released in 2006.

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