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  • escape_my_fate

    there soo hot espp allisonn

    January 2010
  • xroosterx

    dani is hot. shes the only one out of them that is only pretty. allison isn't too bad, sometimes. but melissa is straight fuckin busted, ahhaha.

    August 2009
  • JackyJawbreaker

    The one in the middle is the prettiest of them and the only one who really looks "scene", the left one looks a bit wannabe and isn't very sexy or so (not because she's... 'heavy', I just don't like her face - and the rest), and the right one looks like one of those fashionvictims listening to R'n'B and similar bullshit, she doesn't look like a "scene girl". And on top of that, THAT is the type of woman/girl I really, really HATE. xD

    July 2009
  • karolineleonie


    July 2009
  • acidfancy

    dani =[

    June 2009
  • dark_scenekid08

    i luv these grrls :)

    May 2009
  • dark_scenekid08

    quit drnking that haterade hoes i love millionaires yup <3

    April 2009
  • XAngelFaceX

    The one in the middle is probably the best-looking. [2] And the one is on the left looking like a geisha xD

    April 2009
  • alex_xx

    The one in the middle is probably the best-looking... but she's also the one with that nasaly voice.

    April 2009
  • ohhhyeahhh


    April 2009
  • SH4DOW1992

    ugly bitches O.o

    April 2009
  • hong2u

    xD Dillinger215 xD sweet!

    March 2009
  • Dillinger215

    These are the types of girls you bang at a party and give a fake number too...and then you go to a doctor's office the morning after to make sure you didn't catch anything

    March 2009
  • bitchyrfukindun

    nice legs

    February 2009
  • PLASTICeraser

    Topping photo ; * .

    September 2008