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  • Avatar for BeNgEE4
    I LOVE how you think it's about a girl the whole time and then you watch the video clip and realise the true meaning of these lyrics...So punk
  • Avatar for bloody_nips
    Man, I love this song.
  • Avatar for roemilca111
    ugh, horrible autotune.
  • Avatar for Charlie_h
    I wasn't talking about the singer themselves not knowing, because if that's going on in the music industry, I weep for it's future. My comment was based around the fact that there are a couple of notes that James Hetfield sings on the S&M album that sound as if they have been tuned, even though it's just the way he sung it. Some singers can change notes so abruptly it's incredible. Jack Black does it for comedy effect all the time.
  • Avatar for MarieCardona
    And Charlie, Nikola would have to be deaf not to hear what has been done to his voice. A singer is very perceptive of his instrument, perhaps even more so than other musicians. But it is possible, as your statement implies in a way, that the choice of auto tune was not theirs. Probably the label didn't give them enough time to get back in the studio and have him fix it himself. On the other hand, now I'm suspicious - I would guess there's at least some auto tuning on this whole record. Including No Cigar... the vocals sound too digitally smooth to me.
  • Avatar for MarieCardona
    As a recording engineer, I can say that yes, absolutely that is auto tune. And it is very badly done auto tune. It's incredibly obvious in almost every phrase between 1:02-1:21. Listen at 1:08. Hear that jump - that correction - in pitch after the initial attack of his voice? Bummer. And they say that Martin Hannett was the one overproducing punk...
  • Avatar for Charlie_h
    Rella987, certainly sounds like it doesn't it. I dont think it is. James Hetfield sounds like he has had his voice modified at times too, so it's likely that it's put in at times without anyone ever knowing.
  • Avatar for robboelrobbo
    Is this song about a prostitute or a car lol
  • Avatar for cokeboy2
    @rella987 No, that's just his voice.
  • Avatar for rella987
    can someone confirm auto tune @ 1:21 Had to listen to it 5 times still not sure

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